Baby Rabbits–And I Mean Baby Rabbits-Say Hello World!

About 10 days ago I noticed a plate-sized dirt area that was out-of-place for the rest of the lawn.   I thought something had dug around, but did not dwell on it.  Days later I looked at it again and noticed a clump of dried grass off to one side.  It was then I noticed a small opening that seemed ‘tamped’ down  with more dried grass.  Later I noticed an adult rabbit sitting on the dirt.  She was pulling fur from her stomach and was poking it around with a paw into the opening.

That is when I turned to Google.

OMG!  Baby rabbits!

Earlier today I looked at the nest and the opening was clear of dried grass.  I feared for the worst.  Then about an hour later I looked and there was dried grass again over the opening.  This evening as James and I waited for a friend to pick us up for dinner I looked once again.  It was then I yelled “Get the camera!”

A baby bunny with a white spot on his head was sticking his nose out of the hole—-and then there were two little noses!!  Two twitching little noses.

The pictures here are deceiving, in that the size of the portion of these babes that is visible is only an inch-and-half at most.  This is just amazing!

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