Donald Trump Wants To Be Begged To Attend GOP Convention, And Speak

Donald Trump is such a phony, and a king-size ass.  Trump’s birther comments to the convention would be akin to Pat Buchanan’s tirade in 1992–and the nation would again respond to the Democrats with votes in November. 

POLITICO’s Ginger Gibson reports:

Don’t mark Donald Trump down as an enthusiastic attendee of the GOP convention in Tampa this summer just yet. He’s “taking it under advisement” according to a top aide.

“He’s considering it,” Trump’s top political aide Michael Cohen told POLITICO. “Many people want him to go, but he’s considering it. He’s got an extremely busy schedule and it all depends on other commitments that he has.”

Robert Caro Has Another Book Idea

This author and researcher is utterly amazing.

While working on the fifth volume of his monumental biography of Lyndon Johnson, Robert A. Caro — famous both for the size of his books and how long it takes him to write them — is immersed in another project, too. The new book is not a memoir, exactly, he said in a telephone interview from his summer home on Long Island, but an account of how he came to write the Johnson biography and its predecessor, “The Power Broker,” a biography of the developer and city planner Robert Moses.

The tone, he said, Is similar to that of his 1998 New Yorker article describing the origins of “The Power Broker,” his interviews with Moses and the obstacles he faced. Mr. Caro added that he has an “understanding” about the new book with his publisher, Knopf, but no official contract and there is no scheduled publication date.

“It will be done when it’s done,” he said, and not until he finishes with Johnson. He added, “It’s getting pretty long already.”

Saturday Song (Summer Heat Edition): Elvis Presley “Burning Love”

What a week of record-setting weather temperatures around the nation.  With the heat comes Elvis Presley with three different takes of his 1972 hit “Burning Love”.

First is the studio rehearsal, followed by a 1972 concert performance, with the famed 1973 world-wide concert version from Hawaii to close out this week’s Saturday Song.  Each has a different mood and style to the song.