Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, Being Treated For Alcoholism In Arizona

This information should have been released from the congressman’s office.  It was not, and therefore the media found sources that would talk.   This whole episode does not reflect well on Jackson’s office operations.

NBC News reports that missing Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been found.

The 2nd District Congressman reportedly has been In Arizona receiving treatment for alcoholism in Arizona, according to Andrea Mitchell.

Jackson Jr. went on hiatus from congress a month ago, on June 10, and his office released a statement nearly two weeks after that saying he was being treated at an undisclosed location for exhaustion.

This is the first information as to his whereabouts since the office issued.

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President Obama Polling Well In Blue State Wisconsin

Another set of encouraging poll numbers for President Obama.

President Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney 50% to 44% in a new Wisconsin survey by Public Policy Polling taken July 5-8.

That’s consistent with a poll done last month by Marquette Law School, in which Obama led Romney 49% to 43%.

Also in the PPP survey:

  • 51% approved of Gov. Scott Walker, while 46% disapproved.
  • Wisconsin voters were almost evenly split over the Supreme Court’s ruling on the new health care law, with 46% supporting the ruling and 44% opposing it.
  • 47% approved of President Obama’s job performance while 48% disapproved.

Coloma, Wisconsin Can Not Be Pleased Over Court Ruling On Mega-Farms

Not far from Coloma, Wisconsin a major economic powerhouse of a farm is soon to be completed.   The Richfield Dairy farm would be the sixth-largest in the state, according to DNR records.  While many have concerns about that particular project, there is now one major court ruling that will deal with all such farms in the state.

The outcome of this case was never in doubt, as it comes down to treating everyone equally under the law. 

I have long argued that places such as Coloma, and surrounding areas that vote Republican should not moan about lack of governmental control when facing tons of manure and potential groundwater problems.  Smaller government, and less state restrictions seems the concerns of these voters every other day.

Now they want tougher water quality standards.

Those higher standards start when voters understand which side their bread is buttered on when they cast a ballot.   I will be watching to see which Republican elected official comes to the aid of Coloma.  Maybe they can throw a parade and bake sale when the GOP shows any concern!

The Wisconsin Supreme Court says a rural town does not have the authority to impose tougher water quality standards on a livestock farm than the state requires.

Wednesday’s decision means Magnolia, about 30 miles south of Madison, can’t demand that a 2,900-cow farm take extra steps to control pollution.

At issue was a state law designed to make farm regulations consistent across Wisconsin.

Magnolia residents said manure from Larson Acres’ cows pollutes their water supply. But the court agreed with the farm, which says the town lacks the authority to demand it meet standards not required by the state, including monthly water-quality tests.

Similar cases have been filed in six other Midwestern states. Wisconsin’s is believed to be the first to reach a state supreme court.

Sarah Palin Advises Mitt Romney To Set “Hair On Fire”

Do you ever get the feeling that Sarah Palin is the type that would try to push a logging chain up a hill?


Sarah Palin warned Tuesday that Mitt Romney must do more to energize conservatives before Election Day, saying the Republican presidential candidate should light the base’s “hair on fire.”

“Romney, he has said before that he doesn’t want to have to light his hair on fire. Well, there are a lot of his base supporters, independents who are saying, ‘Well, light our hair on fire, then! Remind us how important it is that we get engaged in this presidential election because it is the election of our lifetime,’” Palin told Sean Hannity of Fox News.

She was referring to Romney’s remarks in February that he’s not interested in saying “outrageous” and “accusatory” statements just for the sake of shoring up support. “You know I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support,” he had said.

But Palin insisted Tuesday that an electrified base would be key to a Romney victory in the fall.

You know the type of electrified base she is thinking of?  The one Palin helped create which allowed her to be vice-president in 2008.  Maybe Palin should just save her advice.

Rumors Swirl About Suicide Attempt By Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

There comes a time when any credible politician has to come clean and stop wild rumors, and then lay the facts out for those who he represents.

That time has certainly arrived for Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.   It should be noted that Democratic sources say Jackson, who has not been on Capitol Hill since June 10, may not return to the House until after the August congressional recess.

While there is clearly room for privacy when it comes to medical matters for elected officials, there is also a need for accountability by those who have taken an oath to serve the public.  What has taken place with Jackson over the past weeks is a PR nightmare. 

Surely among his office staff there is someone with enough experience to handle this episode with the media in a competent manner.    If they need a road map on how to do this they need look no further than how Illinois Senator Mark Kirk handled his stroke.

Nothing good can be gained for Jackson by allowing rumors to swirl.  In addition, his constituents should be treated like adults.  They can handle the truth.

But the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., in an interview with POLITICO, pushed back on an unconfirmed report that his 47-year-old son attempted suicide.

The elder Jackson was responding to a “rumor” broadcast by an Illinois radio station Tuesday. WLS of Chicago cited “two high-ranking people on the Democratic side of the aisle, in both fundraising and in the legislative branch,” as the source of this information, none of which had been confirmed with Jackson’s office or family.

“No, that’s not true,” Jackson Sr. told POLITICO. “He’s with his doctor and getting treatment, regaining his strength. That’s all I really want to say at this point.”

Jackson Sr. added that there is “no truth” to the WLS broadcast. “None at all,” he said.

An aide to the congressman also said the WLS report is inaccurate.

Words Donald Newhouse, An Owner Of Advance Publications, Needs To Hear

Tough message.  Correct message.

Donald Newhouse, an owner of Advance Publications, has rejected a request from some of New Orleans most powerful names to sell the Times-Picayune, following the company’s decision to lay off 200 hundred employees and cut publication to three days a week.

“We have read the letter with great respect and concern,” Newhouse said in a statement. “Advance Publications has no intention of selling The Times-Picayune.”

Late last week, the Archidiocese of New Orleans, the presidents of Tulane, Xavier, and Loyala universities, jazz great Wynton Marsalis, and political/media power couples James Carville and Mary Matalin and Steve and Cokie Roberts co-signed a letter on behalf of the Times-Picayune Citizens’ Group pleading with Newhouse to sell the struggling paper to an owner that was willing to invest in it.

“Unfortunately and sadly, the considerable goodwill your family enterprise has created in New Orleans in the last 50 years has dissipated in just a few short months because of the decision that took our entire community by surprise,” the group, which represents at least 70 local businesses and community organizations, wrote. “Advance Publications and its leadership have lost the trust and credibility of a significant segment of the community.”

Democrats Call On Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. To Come Clean About Medical Problem

The time for answers has arrived.

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Tuesday joined a growing chorus of Illinois Democrats warning that Rep.Jesse Jackson Jr. needs to be more forthcoming with voters about an undisclosed medical condition that has kept him out of Congress for a month.

Gutierrez, a Northwest Side Democrat, said he was initially willing to give Jackson time to recover until Jackson’s office issued a statement last week saying the congressman’s undisclosed condition and treatment were more serious than first thought.

“I know that we want to say that we have private lives, and I do have a private life. I also have a public life,” Gutierrez told reporters at unrelated news conference. “If I don’t show up to work, then I need to give — I don’t have this immunity of this shield of privacy — because it’s about my job. And any time I haven’t shown up to work, I’ve given you a clear answer about why it was I wasn’t there.”

Gutierrez’ comments came a day after the state’s top Democrat in Washington, Sen. Dick Durbin, said Jackson needed to explain “soon” the reasons why he took a medical leave of absence from Congress on June 10. Jackson’s office didn’t announce the leave until more than two weeks later.