Sarah Palin Steamed Over Lack Of Convention Invite

As if ruining one presidential election process was not enough, Sarah Palin is hoping to have an opprotunity to embarrass the GOP in 2012.

The Romney camp will not comment on Palin, or on plans for the convention, but one adviser associated with the campaign suggested that Palin would be prohibited from speaking at the Republican convention by her contract with Fox News. “It’s true I’m prohibited from doing some things,” Palin says, “but this is the first I’ve heard anyone suggest that as an excuse, er, reason to stay away from engaging in the presidential race. I’m quite confident Fox’s top brass would never strip anyone of their First Amendment rights in this regard.” (Fox says her contract would not prohibit speaking at the convention if she sought permission.)


Madison’s Art Fair On Square Amuses And Delights, Banjo Playing Baby Kangaroo Is Sold

The old saying about Madison’s Art Fair On The Square taking place during the hottest weekend of the year does not work this summer.  Any weekend seems to be the hottest.

On Saturday James and I strolled about, and had a very enjoyable time.  With the aid of breezes that cooled us as we rounded each major street corner, along with ice-cold lemonades we made it through the whole fair, including Art Fair Off The Square. There were fewer people than previous events, and I saw only one major purchase taking place.  That was a metal art piece being taken off the display area, and prepared for taking home.  It was a very modern type of design, and nothing that I would care to own.

While there were many items that stood out and even beckoned, the prices were prohibitive.  That however did stop me from thinking where I would place certain items if they somehow landed at our home.  That seems to be the case every year, and yet this fair remains a summer tradition for us.  I love to walk and look at all that is offered.

One such item that is always for sale at the fair, and always draws my attention is the ‘whirly gig’.  Made of metal (and in a few cases glass) these creations are able to blow in the wind at endless directions with high rates of speed.  They were priced at only $6,000 to $16,000.  (Order me two, please.)  I have no real problem with such prices as they are truly remarkable creations, and the artist should be compensated. 

The other item that made me smile, and take a photo was the banjo playing baby kangaroo.  The amusing part to this story was that on Saturday night about 8:00 P.M. as James and I were heading out for a late dinner this piece of art was loaded on a pickup truck and going home with someone.

President Obama Likes To Sketch Faces

Eisenhower liked to paint.

In an interview to be aired at 6:30 p.m. today on WJLA ABC 7, President Obama tells Scott Thuman (@ABC7Scott), senior political reporter and “Capitol Thoughts” columnist, that he likes to sketch people and faces between his meetings. The interview was held Friday afternoon in a driver-ed classroom at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, where the president addressed a crowd of 1,400, plus 700 in overflow, with Sen. Mark Warner and senatorial candidate Tim Kaine at his side.