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Eric Hovde Has Trouble With Truth Over Tobacco Subsidy Payments

July 19, 2012

The news that U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde was receiving tobacco subsidy payments paid to his real-estate firm is upsetting for two reasons.

This is an abuse of the system of subsidy payments, since several years ago tobacco farming came to an end on the land in question.  While I have a strong desire to see federal payments on all farm subsidies trimmed, and even trimmed severely in many cases, there is also another reason this whole issue is troubling.

We all should have a problem with a candidate or an elected official who comes off so self-righteously when it comes to campaign rhetoric, but then is found to have some severe contradictions when it comes to their own behavior and actions.

Let us not forget that Hovde is a multimillionaire with real-estate and investment holdings, but somehow felt that it was appropriate to ask the federal government for about $2,700 a year in subsidies meant for tobacco farmers–on land that was not growing tobacco at the time.

I think everyone knows how the rich people get their money.  It often is not the way most average income people make it.

The ‘rich’ part to this whole embarrassing episode for Hovde is that earlier this week he stated that his family’s real estate and development firm had not benefited from farm subsidies or lower property tax assessments aimed at farmers.

That line of rhetoric of course was pure….what is the farming term I am seeking…we should ask ‘farmer’ Hovde…oh, that is it—-MANURE!

Late yesterday the conservative wannabe for U.S. Senate had to admit that his real estate holdings was raking in cash from the federal government.  After the news was made public due to reporters tracking down the facts (score another one for the journalists who keep candidates honest) Hovde got back on his high horse and announced that he would end farm subsidies if elected.

Should the voters have any more faith that Hovde would follow through on that idea than when he claimed he did not benefit from such subsidies?

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  1. Solly permalink
    July 19, 2012 7:28 PM

    The Repugnant nomination for U.S. Senate seems to attract welfare queens. Remember Terrance Wall and his “punkin patch” along the Beltline which he got Ag zoning and practically zero taxes on? Or the teabaggers, including Michelle Bachmann, getting millions in farm subsidies? “oh, when we talked about cutting federal spending, that was other spending, not at our teat.”

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