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There Will Be More Mass Shootings Like That In Aurora, Colorado

July 20, 2012

After I wrote my piece today about the gun violence in Colorado I read the words of James Fallows.  We seem to be of the same mind on this senseless violence, and the gun culture that allows it to continue.

In part I had written…

Will the NRA be allowed to control congress and set the laws of this nation so no place is safe from the possibility of gun violence, or are the people of this nation going to show once and for all that the tail does not wag the dog.

I am not optimistic about the answer.

James Fallows penned, in part, the following.

There will be more of these; we absolutely know it; we also know that we will not change the circumstances that allow such episodes to recur. I am an optimist about most things, but not about this. Everyone around the world understands this reality too. It is the kind of thing that makes them consider America dangerous, and mad.

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