BREAKING: Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Cullen To Leave Democratic Caucus–Democratic Majority In Doubt

UPDATED–Taking the bat and ball and leaving the park is awful to see when a kid does it—far worse when someone of Cullen’s stature does so.

What in hell is happening?

While this blog has commended State Senator Tim Cullen for moderation and a mature attitude towards politics and the process I am at a loss as to how to understand this action today.

Clearly there is a story here that needs to be unearthed, and told.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Cullen is taking his bat and ball and leaving the Democratic Caucus because he did not get what he wanted.

Cullen quit the Senate Democratic caucus Tuesday, saying Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller had deliberately snubbed him by not giving him a committee chairmanship.

Cullen said his relationship with Miller has long been rocky and that at one point recently Miller hung up on him when they discussed committee assignments.

He said he is quitting the caucus but is undecided about whether to leave the Democratic Party. If he quits the party, he will become an independent.

This is not the way a grown-up should act, and clearly is not the image I had of Cullen over the years.

Cullen made the comments in a press conference.

Democrats just gained control of the Senate 17-16 with Sen. John Lehman’s victory over Van Wanggaard in a recall.

It’s unclear immediately what the implications are of Cullen’s announcement.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Cullen To Leave Democratic Caucus–Democratic Majority In Doubt

  1. Patrick

    I think Frank’s comments are right–in a sense. Cullen is disappointed by the radical and foolish democrats in control of the party. What role is there for a moderate to play in Madison?

  2. No, Patrick, your comment is not correct.

    This afternoon I talked with a contact at the statehouse and was told this has everything to do with Cullen getting his nose out of joint due to being offered Tourism Comm. and soundly rejecting it, not liking that newer faces in the senate were getting plums instead of him, and over how Finance appts. were given out. There is nothing noble here concerning Cullen, and that troubles me greatly as this man is a serious politician, and he has now allowed his petty side to surface. This is a stain that will not be removed.

  3. Solly

    Good for Cullen! Mark Miller is a cipher that traded on his Mom’s good name and reputation and had the luck of being in the right place at the right time to gain his position. Of all the Fab 14 who appreared on national television to state their case, Miller was the weakest and lamest (“um, ah, tick, tick, squint, blather, blather). It refreshes my soul to hear Cullen say take this insincere bone and shove it. Deke, you’ve been there as a witness when “leadership” skips over citizen legislators with experience to reward the young turks who they think have a political future. And most of them are part of the Madison/Milwaukee Axis, not the outstate competitive districts which are the Dems only hope of maintaining a majority. Instead of being concerned with governance, they’re concerned with who can puke out the most hyper-partisan news releases posted on the Wheeler Report that only you and I and a couple hundred other weirdos in the state will read. And it happens on both sides, because neither side is interested in the moderates who have to fight every election, they reward the people who are in the one-party districts who are the bomb throwers. Other famous examples are Scott Wanker, who Dave Prosser gave the Chairmanship of a major committee after a partial term over many other reps. with more experience when the Repugnants took over in 95, and Scott Suder. How’s that working out for us??????

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