What Happens When Gun Shooting Victim Has No Health Insurance? What Would Mitt Romney Suggest As Remedy?

Caleb Medley

UPDATE…News reports state the family has been told medical bills could reach $2 million.

Over the past days I have been searching for any information regarding the lack of health insurance for any of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado  shooting.  After all, it does not seem possible that everyone at the theater who was shot would be covered with health insurance.  With so many Americans not covered the odds had to be pretty high that one of the victims did not have health care coverage.

I was right.

Today I found the type of story that speaks to the need for everyone to be covered in this nation with health care protection.

I wonder, however, given the track record of dismal policy options along with a hard-hearted nature towards national health coverage, what conservative Republicans would recommend for this family.

A 21-year-old woman who escaped injury in the Colorado theater shooting rampage gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday while her husband was in the same hospital in a medically induced coma with a gunshot wound to the head.

Caleb Medley, a 23-year-old aspiring comedian, was listed in critical condition on Tuesday at University of Colorado Denver Hospital.   The  Medleys have no health insurance.  Caleb has lost his right eye, suffered brain damage and was in a medically induced coma.

One can almost see the number of surgeries for Caleb, and therapy of all kinds that will be on-going.  One can also see the medical bills piling sky-high.

What should the Medleys do in the world of Republican politics to make it through this trauma, and those that will follow as a result of the injuries?  What would conservative Republicans offer as advice for the side-effects of bills that they will be unable to pay off?  

What might conservatives offer as a remedy?

Might Rush Limbaugh pay the bills?  Might FAUX News hold a telethon to raise cash?

Perhaps instead the GOP should just pull their heads out of the sand and recognize the need for the health care law that passed, and was upheld by the Supreme Court.  They might recognize the problem real people experience in this nation when they have no health insurance.

Mitt Romney might want to trek to Colorado and talk to the Medleys for a glimpse at real-life needs.

6 thoughts on “What Happens When Gun Shooting Victim Has No Health Insurance? What Would Mitt Romney Suggest As Remedy?

  1. There is, and has been for a long time, a remedy in place. It’s call a Hospital Emergency room. They are required to provide care whether or not you have insurance, and won’t dump you out on the street with a band-aid. Hundreds of thousands of people use the emergency rooms every day as a doctors office, and sometimes even for real emergencies, and you and I pay for it in our insurance premiums…. The difference in us paying it this way, is that the administration is already in place – the crime is that the obama administration will set up a huge department to run obamacare and those of us who already pay our own way will get double dipped… In the case of the Medleys, the hospital will write off his care – and as I said, us folks who have insurance will pay for it. I’ve been paying for about 60 years, and have never used an emergency room, for which I’m grateful, and don’t begrudge the care given to people on my dime.

    If that makes me hard hearted in your book, so be it. I call it pure logic. There is no need for the health care bill as passed.

    What happened in Colorado was a terrible thing, done by what appears to be a man with some serious mental issues. There appears to be as serious if not more serious mental issues with the media and talking heads and their anti-gun rants. Would they be carrying on like they are now and suggesting the outlawing of gasoline and class bottle is that whack job had thrown gasoline bombs into that theater, likely causing all inside to die in the resulting inferno?????

    The picture you posted of someone in a hospital being well cared for, and your admittedly lengthy and exhausting search to find a victim that you could rant about makes your entire post questionable.

  2. How much money do you think Gabby Giffords paid for her months of intensive therapy and surgeries and rehabilitation—which is an ongoing series of treatment plans?

    You are not even in the realm of realism to suggest that people can just pop into the emergency ward and have bumper-to-bumper care. If this case from Colorado does not scream about why health care coverage is needed, then I am not sure what case would change your mind.

    You were fortunate to have health care coverage with your job. But what about the kid who walks to school on the South Side of Chicago and dodges bullets? What happens if the kid is hit, and paralyzed? Who pays the bills for that family who may not have health care coverage?

    What happens if a major terrorist attack takes place that injures a vast number of people? Who will pay for the replacement of severed arms or teach them to walk again, or talk again? Do they all just stay in your emergency room?


  3. Solly

    Mittens would suggest on the way from the theater the victims could have “shopped” for the highest quality, lowest cost hospital. That’s what he suggested when he was asked about the high cost of college and student loans. It’s the private sector dammit! I had supplemental dental insurance, and the vaunted efficient private sector insurance company (which administered both basic and supplemental policies) sent me 8 letters on one claim. I knew the basic wouldn’t cover my crown, I knew it, the dentist knew it, and the insurance company knew it at the start. But, they sent letters to deny, to tell me the dentist office would have to resubmit, and then finally that a portion would be covered. Smokey, using the emergency room for health care is the LEAST efficient way to provide medical service, and as you say, it gets added to everyones’ bills. Plus, it’s not good for the health of anyone, by the time the pain gets so bad that people go there, they’re sometimes opened up to a belly full of Cancer. The same could be said for a sore throat turning into a strep or mono infection, etc. It doesn’t make economic or humane sense.

  4. I love that smokey3 concedes that the Aurora shootings were a result of a man with “mental health issues” and does not concede that free mental health screenings, free therapy and free meds probably would have prevented this tragedy entirely. And the point is not whether or not an emergency room will admit you. The point is what exactly an emergency room will do for you once they find out you don’t have money, and what will happen to you once you don’t need immediate life-saving care, and whether or not giving birth to your child (which is technically illegal to do OUTSIDE of a hospital in some places now), or breaking your arm is going to completely ruin you financially (possibly forever). The point is how a 20-something just out of college, working at Starbucks, who can’t find a “real job,” and gets shot in a movie theater is somehow supposed to have been “responsible” and paid for healthcare….

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