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Joe Wineke Should Not Have Been Allowed Hour On WIBA Radio Talk Show

July 27, 2012


This afternoon Tim Scott retuned my phone call. While I understood there was no FCC problem with having  Joe Wineke on the radio this morning for the talk show, Scott did understand my point of view.  As such he was going to talk with Mitch Henck to  get Sondy Pope-Roberts  invited to the show.  I appreciate Scott’s attention to this matter.

Label this one under ‘recall when radio was…’

As I write this I am waiting for a return phone call from Tim Scott, Program Director for WIBA Radio.

I was really taken aback by the decision of WIBA Radio to allow Joe Wineke to have access to the airwaves for one hour this morning for the Friday Roundtable.  There is a primary race underway between Democratic incumbant State Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts and former State Senator Wineke for the 80th District.

While regular morning man Mitch Henck was involved in a golf tournament, Brian Schimming, the conservative pinch hitter, had a great time posing questions to Sunny Schubert the conservative guest, and Democratic candidate Wineke.

I would be the first to say the hour was lively and opinionated. I like the back and forth of such broadcasts. 

But the show ran counter to good broadcasting standards, and that troubles me.

While Wineke is from time-to-time a part of the regular rotating stock of opinions that make up Friday Roundtable he should not have been allowed to continue in that role while a candidate.  While I think it appropriate to have elected officials as part of the Roundtable I think it not in the best interest of broadcasters to allow for a candidate to have unequal time while taking jabs at the primary opponent.

Which is exactly what Wineke did on the air this morning.

I take this issue seriously having worked in radio, and having a long-time  appreciation for broadcasting.  While this blog is often politically opinionated there are other themes that drive me to post.  The way radio broadcasters conduct themselves is often one that I find myself writing about. 

While I would assume the Pope-Roberts campaign is not pleased with how WIBA conducted the show, I would argue that the entire radio listening audience was ill-served by allowing a primary candidate to have such free access to the airwaves.

Or is Mitch Henck planning to have Pope-Roberts on next Friday’s Roundtable for equal time?

While I understand the FCC would likely have no problem with the talk show allowing Wineke on for the hour, does not WIBA want to have a better image for itself on the radio dial?

  1. July 27, 2012 4:15 PM

    You may see politics here in my post, but I sure do not. I have not posted anything on the primary in the 80th District, and have no intention of doing so. This is purely a matter of broadcasting ethics, if you will, that interests me.

  2. Spock permalink
    July 27, 2012 4:00 PM

    There’s a little bit of irony where liberals are jealous and complain about a liberal talking for an extended period of time on a political talk show they hate.

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