Extremely Rare Photo Of Old Marquette School On Site Of Present Day Willy Street Co-Op

Carl Lang was so kind to send me this photo in the mail, and I am proud to place it on my blog.  This is the wonderful old school that once was located  at 1237 Jennifer Street, where the current Willy Street Co-op resides.  The school was on this site from 1894-1953.  The photo was taken by Gustav Lang.

Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Mom “‘My Son, Is Unwell, And He Needs A Moment To Heal”

I think the Jackson folks need to hire  a PR firm.  A good one. And soon.


I admire and respect Rev. Jesse Jackson and that is why I am so befuddled over the sloppy way the whole matter has been handled with his son.

The latest continuation of bad press, and more than a muddled message came from the most unlikely of sources, Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Mom!

The mother of U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr has broken the silence surrounding her son’s mysterious illness saying he’s struggled to deal with ‘enormous disappointment’ over recent years.

In an emotional and spiritual speech at the Operation PUSH annual conference on Friday, Jacqueline Jackson opened up about her son’s political disappointments and his illness, that doctors have called a ‘mood disorder.’

‘I’m not ashamed to say he thought he was going to be a senator. He thought he was going to have a chance to run for mayor. And young people don’t bounce back from disappointment like me and my husband,’ she told the Chicago crowd.

The scandal-hit congressman’s career was damaged after allegations of an extra-marital affair, as well as being tangled in the corruption surrounding former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Clearly emotional, Mrs Jackson asked for prays and privacy on Friday, the first time she has spoken out about her son’s condition: ‘My son, is unwell, and he needs a moment to heal. And I ask you to pray for me without cease. Do for me what I’ve done for you. I want you to respect that. Give us a moment. Most of all for him.

Now We Find Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. At Mayo Clinic

Where’s Waldo?

I have had many problems with the public relations aspect to Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. over the past weeks.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota “for extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues,” according to a statement from Jackson sent late Friday by Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo.

Jackson’s whereabouts have been a mystery since he went on medical leave June 10. The statement issued Friday said the congressman “has arrived at Mayo Clinic,” but did not say where he came from.

Friday’s statement offers the most specific description yet of Jackson’s condition. When Jackson’s office first announced his medical leave two weeks after it began, it said the 17-year congressman was being treated for exhaustion.

Mega-Farm Near Coloma In Adams County Gets Favorable Court Ruling

Another step forward in the constant back-and-forth surrounding the placement of a 4,300 daily operation in Adams County, and smelling distance of Coloma, Wisconsin.

As I have stated over and over, the people of this area vote Republican and then complain that stronger environmental laws are not on the books, or ones that would allow for local units of government to have stronger levers to use when a mega-farm wants to set up shop.  This area has demonstrated with the candidates they vote for that they do not like ‘big government’.  They are now seeing the short-sightedness of their votes, and I must say it is amusing to watch.

Is it good policy to have mega-farms?  That is a separate question.  The one thing that is clear is the lastest court ruling is a favorable one for Milk Source.

Family Farm Defenders, Friends of Central Sands, Pleasant Lake Management District and some private landowners filed lawsuits against the DNR after it issued permits to Milk Source for the construction of two high-capacity wells on the Richfield property and a Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. The groups consist of property owners from a nearby lake, as well as citizen groups that object to the project.

In a decision issued July 20, Dane County Circuit Judge John Markson ruled the DNR failed to sufficiently evaluate the environmental effects of pumping 131.2 million gallons of water per year. He sent the issue back to the DNR so that officials could provide a “factual investigation of sufficient depth to allow a reasonably informed preliminary judgment and the opportunity for public comment about the environmental and cumulative effects of the high capacity wells operating at 131.2 million gallons per year.”

The DNR analyzed the impact of pumping 52 million gallons of water per year, Harke said. The company plans to submit a request to modify its high-capacity well permit to include an annual cap on the amount of water.

Markson rejected a request to deny the DNR the ability to change the requirements for the Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. He also denied a request for a contested case hearing, stating it was a moot issue.

Harke said the judge’s decisions were a good step forward for the process.

Saturday Song: The Tremeloes “The Games People Play” And “Proud Mary”