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Dick Cheney: Sarah Palin Was “A Mistake”

July 29, 2012

The whole world has been saying this for four years!  Now even Darth Vadar agrees.

In his first interview since receiving a heart transplant in March, Cheney told ABC News, that John McCain’s decision to pick Palin as his running mate in 2008 was “a mistake” — one that it is important from Romney not to repeat.

It’s subject on which Cheney has some unique experience. He helped Presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush lead their vice presidential searches and, of course, served as vice president for eight years. He’s also privately offered some advice to both Romney and Beth Myers, who is leading Romney’s search for a runningmate, on the process.

Cheney would not comment on what he told Romney and Myers, but he was harsh in his assessment of McCain’s decision to pick Palin.

“That one,” Cheney said, “I don’t think was well handled.”

“The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?’”

Cheney believes Sarah Palin failed that test.

“I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She – attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

  1. July 31, 2012 3:11 PM

    John McCain was the only republican this democratic voter would have considered. But the more I listened to McCain, the more firm was my decision to vote for Obama. Then he picked Palin and my decision was solidified.

  2. D.Ante permalink
    July 30, 2012 6:50 AM

    Have to disagree with Dick here, Palin was not the problem the problem was the party tried to put a liberal conservative as a valid choice for conservatives. McCain never should have been on the ticket.

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