Governor Scott Walker’s ‘Saul-Moment’, Now Finds Negative Ads Troubling

Hypocrite, much?

One has to smirk over the news story regarding ‘the Saul-moment’ that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now experiencing.

After a highly expensive and mean-spirited recall election conducted by Walker and Company comes word that negative ads are indeed troubling–when conducted by others.

It is enough to wonder if Scott Walker is having strokes on the installment plan.

There is no way that Walker–with a straight face–can concoct this schlock.  Let us recall that Walker and Company outspent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and his allies by $58.7 million to $22 million.  Much of the money was spent on the creation and airing of vile ads.

While it is true that everyone finds negative ads damaging to the political process, they nonetheless continue to be created, and money found by the dump truck load to air them.  Walker was a master at leaving his statehouse duties to fly around the nation looking for every dollar that could be slipped into the lining of his jacket. 

Once he had the cash he allowed the most wretched ads to be aired and used against his political opponent.

But now there seems to be a limit to the style of campaigning that Walker so lustily embraced.

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he wished the candidates in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate would turn toward positive messages instead of attacking each other.

“I haven’t dropped the flag yet, but it’s getting pretty close,” he told reporters. “I think there are four outstanding candidates in the primary and I think they would be well served, not just in the primary but in the general election, if they would stay focused on the differences between themselves and Congressman Baldwin because I think the differences are substantial and they’re important.”

It is remarkable how someone who has been able to play at the lowest levels can pretend to be a statesman.  If only anyone believed that Scott Walker was able to become a better man.

4 thoughts on “Governor Scott Walker’s ‘Saul-Moment’, Now Finds Negative Ads Troubling

  1. Adam

    I would surmise that Walker had more negative things said about him and more threats against him than any other politician in Wisconsin history, maybe that’s why he can say it needs to stop.

  2. Solly

    you mean like the repugnant ad that suggested Tom Barrett was personally responsible for a two year old child being beaten to death?

  3. The negative things said about Scott Walker with respect to his lack of honesty, integrity, character, etc. are all richly deserved Adam. Whether there have been that many threats I don’t know. There have been lots of claims, but not by Walker. He is well protected, and doesn’t seem to appear in public in Wisconsin unless the owner of the place is a donor. Why, he doesn’t even seem to allow interviews on public television or public radio (unless you consider WTMJ to be public).

    He is a hypocrite through and through, and the phoniness of the statements about being a referee in the senate race just demonstrate that once again.

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