Newsweek Needs To End Publication–Asparagus Dangle Latest Reason For Ending Charade


It should be noted in further reading today I ran across this nugget.  In the first half of 2012 Newsweek’s newsstand sales fell by 9.7 percent


You know things are bad when I–a huge fan of magazines and increased readership–call for the end of a publication.  To make matters even more serious, the magazine I am hoping to see end is my once beloved Newsweek

In my late teenage years I had a subscription to Newsweek, and kept reading it over the decades.  I can not describe how much pleasure the magazine provided back in the day when it had real news and analysis on the events of the week.  I am one of those guys who recall–with deep fondness–when Thomas DeFrank was Newsweek’s senior White House correspondent.  He served in that capacity for a quarter century.   His institutional memory makes him a most treasured reporter.

I wonder what DeFrank would think of the latest cover of the once respected newsmagazine.

I have written many times about my dismay with the shock-and-awe style that Tina Brown brings to this magazine.  What is most troubling is that instead of trying to make the magazine meaningful and dynamic, a vehicle for insightful analysis, along with probing big issues she has turned to the lowest common denominator. 

While it is true that many magazines are suffering in the era of the internet, it is also a fact that solid and respected weeklies and monthlies still thrive.  The Economist and The Atlantic are two that bounce to mind.  Instead of sinking with the rot that makes up many publications, why not seek to fly with the best that can be printed?

Tine Brown has decided to deliver schlock for Newsweek material.  This week some even would say food porn.

If the best one can do is create a cover so that it receives notice for being bad–and then hoping that attention makes for sales and chatter—-well–it is then time to shut down the presses.

Thomas DeFrank left the magazine years ago.  I removed my name from the subscriber list in the last year.  Many others have followed.  Newsweek is now something to be laughed at rather than read.  That makes me very sad, given my many years of happiness with the magazine.

It is time for Tina Brown to shut the lights off, and then have the decency to show a little shame for what she allowed to happen to a once mighty publication that commanded a national readership.

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