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Paul Ryan Is No Friend Of Women Who Were Raped

August 22, 2012

Lets shuck this issue down to the cob.

Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, is not a friend to women when it comes to health care issues, the violence of rape, and pro-choice decisions.  In fact, Ryan’s record is absolutely dismal on these matters. 

It is most proper that Paul Ryan’s record on rape be brought into the light of day, given how the nation is now coming to view Todd Akin, a close working ally of Ryan in congress.  

There will be attempts to dodge and punt along the campaign trail, but the facts are stuck in recorded congressional concrete that paints Ryan as out of touch with not only women in the Democratic Party, but also shows Ryan to be even woefully out of touch with Republican women.

Let the female voters in the suburbs talk this over and see how much grinning Ryan has left in him after this election is over. 

As a U.S. House member from Wisconsin, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has co-sponsored 38 anti-abortion measures, including some that make no allowance for rape.

Ryan’s level of support outdoes that of his House colleague Todd Akin, who is under pressure from party leaders to step down as the Republican Senate nominee in Missouri after saying that “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy.

Ryan’s co-sponsorships include bills that would restrict government funding and declare that states have the right to protect life beginning at fertilization.

Since voters in Wisconsin’s 1st District, south of Milwaukee, first elected him in 1998, Ryan hasn’t voted against any bills backed by the National Right to Life Committee. The group gives him a lifetime voting score of 100 percent.

The group scored Akin at 90 percent support during one of his six terms and at 100 percent for the rest of his tenure. Akin co-sponsored every abortion bill supported by Ryan in the almost 12 years the two Republicans have served together in Washington.

Advocates on the other side of the issue have counted 59 votes that Ryan has cast on abortion and other reproductive rights issues during his 13 years in the House. The tally by the abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America includes votes on procedural motions and amendments, neither of which have cosponsors.

Among the bills Ryan co-sponsored was a measure that would require a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound first. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, he drafted a budget blueprint that sought to end federal dollars for Title X, the national family-planning program.

He also co-sponsored legislation that would have barred abortions after 20 weeks gestation in the District of Columbia, with no exception for cases of rape or incest.

Two bills that he co-sponsored last year would have restricted the definition of rape. The measures sought to prohibit federal funds from being used for abortion, except under certain conditions, with both bills as introduced using the term “forcible rape” as an exception to the funding ban.

While the legislation didn’t explain the difference between rape and forcible rape, the word “forcible” was removed from each bill in committee by amendments from Republicans following criticism from Democratic lawmakers and reproductive-rights groups. Ryan and Akin signed on to the bills before the language was changed.

  1. windy33 permalink
    August 22, 2012 7:15 PM

    in one of paul ryans bills he makes it so that if a woman who was raped and has an abortion the man who raped her has the right to file a law suit against her for aborting his child. now just how dam far are these religious wing nuts going to go. i am sick and tired of them cramming thier religion down my throat. but yet they won’t do a dam thing about the priest of thier chruch raping little boys. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR PRIORITIES


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