What Would Be Better Than Chocolate Cake For Breakfast? Bigger Than A Hurricane Bearing Down On Florida?

The answer would be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being indicted during the week of the Republican National Convention.

While there have been continuous rumors for months about indictments coming down in the 27- month old John Doe probe, a source of mine today wrote with reason to suggest some excitement might be nearing.

 “rumors that Wanker will be indicted next week or the week after”

There is no way to know of course as such matters must be, and should be, held in strict confidence.  But for politicos everywhere who are ready to take the election battle to the GOP such a scenario concerning Walker playing out next week would be larger than the threatened hurricane aimed at Florida.

A Walker indictment during convention week would be bigger news than Mother Nature’s clouds, rather it would be the perfect political storm.

2 thoughts on “What Would Be Better Than Chocolate Cake For Breakfast? Bigger Than A Hurricane Bearing Down On Florida?

  1. onevote

    While you bring encouraging news, would like Walker’s indictment ASAP, I sure hope they do it right without risking what the John Doe proceedings have accomplished so far. Scott will have his days in court, with all sorts of evidence against him.
    Another distinct possibility is a hurricane hitting Tampa at convention time. Can’t say what that would do to the Republican 2012 campaign.
    Reince Priebus has demoted Walker’s position as a star, featured speaker at the convention, although the Republicans pretty much want to Scott Walkerize the whole country.
    Wisconsinites must deliver their own hurricane, continuing the attacks on Walker, Ryan and Thompson.
    Scott Walker won in 2010 with a ~5% margin–only 70% of registered voters voted. Let’s energize Democrats to show up at the polls!

  2. Solly

    I second that emotion Onevote with one correction, the turnout in 2010 was 49.7% according to the GAB, which means that Wanker was elected with the mandate of exactly 26.3% of Wisconsin’s voting population to turn the state asunder (which he never campaigned on or said he would do before the election). Nevathaless, he won, thems the rules of the game, and the Repugs have proven they know what to do when they have the power. The Dems have proven they could mess up a one car parade.

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