Does Pat Robertson Think (Hurricane) Isaac Will Smite Republican Convention?

No one can forget that Pat Robertson has a long history with all sorts of clearly odd statements, and to be more blunt about his condition it can be labeled as  ‘diaherra of the mouth.’  Among Robertson’s most peculiar moments was the steering of hurricanes from places he thought not worthy of destruction.

Robertson prayed to God to steer hurricanes away from his company’s Virginia Beach, Virginia headquarters. He credited his prayers for steering the course of Hurricane Gloria in 1985, which caused billions of dollars of destruction in many states along the U.S. east coast. He made a similar claim about another destructive storm, Hurricane Felix, in 1995.

Robertson holds to the opinions that God sends all sorts of catastrophic events to those who cast liberal voters or uphold civil rights.  Damn democracy with a flood!

So one has to wonder what Robertson is thinking these days as (hurricane) Isaac seems to targeting Florida for a punch of wind and rain.  There is so much tension that even the Tampa mayor is discussing plans for evacuating all those rich white people who will gather to nominate Mitt Romney as the latest offering to the Democrats for the coming election.

If the Isaac hits the GOP convention, will Pat Robertson say God is punishing them for their sinfulness?

Let the smiting begin!

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