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Dan Quayle: Republican Party “Is A Minority Party”

August 27, 2012

How does the various factions of the GOP plan to come together and defeat the Democratic president?  How can an ever-widening gulf among the factions of the GOP govern if elected?

Dan Quayle had some interesting quotes in a much larger story about this matter.

“The Republican Party needs to re-establish its philosophy of the big tent with principles,” said Dan Quayle, the Republican former vice president. “The philosophy you hear from time to time, which is unfortunate, is one of exclusion rather than inclusion. You have to be expanding the base, expanding the party, because compared to the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is a minority party.”

“For some folks in the party these days, it’s not only the Washington establishment they’re running against. They’re opposed to anything that is perceived as being any kind of establishment, even if they are conservative,” Mr. Quayle said. “To me, that is craziness. The party has got some real challenges coming down the pike. It’s a minority party, and we’ve got to realize that it’s a game of addition, not subtraction.”

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  1. Ron Legro permalink
    August 28, 2012 9:14 AM

    Wow. Never thought I’d have to consider Dan Quayle as an intellectual giant within the GOP, but here he is being more thoughtful — and moderate — than about 99% of the party’s voice boxes. Shows just how far right — and ideologically anti-realistic — the party has become.

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