Montee Ball Story: “Great Kids” Do Not Kick Someone In The Head Causing Concussion

There are some news stories that scream out for a response.  Many in the Madison area certainly must be wishing for someone to underscore how wrong one parent is about a matter that has generated much media coverage.

The story deals with the three men arrested for attacking UW football player Montee Ball.  Madison police officials said the three students participated in a substantial battery against Ball.

This evening WMTV is reporting that one of the fathers is standing by his son.

First, there is something admirable when a father stands alongside his child under all circumstances.  I get it.  There is a sense of loyalty from the father, and we all can appreciate that type of feeling.

Second, let me state there is no way to know what specific role his son had in the beating, as the news report does not specify what action was taken by each of the three.  We only know his son was arrested by Madison police for the crime against Ball.

But now comes the part of the story that must leave a wide swath of the public shaking their heads in disbelief.

What I find totally unacceptable is how the father reacted to the arrest of his child, and allegations against him.  While stating that if the charges are true his son will need to deal with the consequences he added that all three men are “great kids”.  They are all 21-years of age.

The father says if the allegations are true “the kids just made a bad decision, kids do that everyday on campuses all over the country.

Are you kidding me with that statement!

We are not talking about a group of guys that had a boomerang and were throwing it around late at night and landed it through a window on campus.

According to police, Ball was walking down a  street around 2:15 a.m. on Aug. 1 when two friends walking ahead of him turned  around and saw him on the ground, surrounded by several men who were kicking him  in the head and chest. The attackers fled when one of his friends and a man  across the street moved to help him.

As a result Ball suffered a concussion from the beating.

There is no way to state that kids do these types of things on campuses all over the country–that is just not the case.  To suggest such a thing is besmirching lots of college age men and women who study hard and follow the rules of life, and the norms of society.

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