Mitt Romney Listens As J.W. Marriott, Chairman Of Marriott Hotel Chain, Talks Of Magical Mormon Underwear

Mitt Romney sat in a Mormon Church today and heard about the wonders of magical underwear.

J.W. Marriott, the chairman of hotel chain Marriott International Inc., spoke to  the congregation.

Marriott talked about being part of a commission that was established to help  improve the public perception of the LDS church. He served on that committee  with George Romney, the candidate’s father.

Marriott explained that he participated in an interview for a “60  Minutes” feature in which he was asked about his temple garments, which all  Mormons wear under their clothing as a symbol of their participation in the  church.

“I related to him how I’d been involved in a very serious boat accident, here  in New Hampshire,” Marriott said. “I caught fire; my polyester pants had burned  off all the way to my waist. But my undergarments from my waist down to my knees  had not even been singed. There wasn’t a mark on them. And I said, these holy  undergarments saved my life.”

Maybe this was all just a message from God telling you not to wear polyester pants!

Who Stole Quebec’s Strategic Maple Syrup Reserves?

Who does not have a soft spot in their heart for maple syrup?

This story popped off the screen this morning, and I knew at once it was CP material.

On Friday, news broke that thieves had stolen stole $30 million dollars worth of Quebec’s strategic maple syrup reserves. Yes, you read correctly. Much as the United States keeps a stock of extra oil buried in underground salt caverns to use in case of a geopolitical emergency, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has been managing warehouses full of surplus sweetener since 2000. The crooks seem to have made off with more than a quarter of the province’s backup supply.

Why exactly does Canada need to stockpile syrup? To find out, I called up Michael Farrell, an extension associate at Cornell University’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and an expert in all things maple.

“We think of it as a little cottage industry here in the states,” he told me. “But up there [syrup is] a big industry that’s responsible for a lot of people’s livelihoods.”

The reserve makes sure there’s always enough syrup for the market. As Farrell explained, each producer sells its harvest in bulk to the federation — a government-sanctioned cooperative — which turns around and deals it to bulk buyers. When production is high, the federation siphons a portion off to store in steel drums for future use.

No Jump In Polls For Mitt Romney Following Convention

With no precise agenda presented to the nation in the final night of the convention, other than the simple lines that Mitt Romney used endlessly during the primary debates (yup, I watched all of those and can almost repeat the trite phrasing) comes polling news that should not surprise anyone.

Mitt Romney did not get a bounce out of last weeks’ Republican National Convention.

There should have been more meat on the bone from the nominee.  Details of where the candidate wanted to take the nation should have been on the agenda.

The reason, of course, that no such plans could be exposed as they are so draconian and dreadful that it would have made the election all but over before September even began.

So instead of making a detailed speech Mitt Romney opted to try to warm the nation to who he is as a person.  That ship sailed a long time ago, as the public is not liking him, or finding any warmth to his personality at all.

The early polling all show a flat and dismal result to the millions of dollars that the Republicans invested into their convention.

We might recall that Romney advisers predicted that Romney may gain as much as 11 points in the polls once he was “re-introduced” to the public.  I can assure my readers that if there is one statement the Romney campaign wishes they could retract it would be that one!

The poll from Reuters/Ipsos has bad post-convention numbers for Romney.   According to the Reuters poll President Obama currently leads Romney 44 percent to 43 percent.  The Reuters poll was specifically designed to measure a potential Romney bump by polling respondents each day of the convention season.  Reuters initially had Romney gaining one point on Friday and 2 points on Thursday, but Romney’s bump has now entirely disappeared according to the Reuters data.

The last poll from Gallup also shows no real help for Romney from the RNC.  The Gallup poll shows President Obama leading 47 percent to 46 percent for Romney.  To be fair, Gallup’s poll may not include all of a Romney bump since Gallup uses a seven-day tracking poll, and therefore includes many responses before or during the Republican National Convention.  Still, at the beginning of the Republican National Convention Gallup had Romney with a one-point lead on Obama, so according to their data Romney actually lost ground to Obama during the convention.