Gay Americans Can Thank The Democratic Party As Convention Places Marriage Equality In Party Platform

It really is so simple.

Just basic fairness and equality.  Like allowing anyone  regardless of color to drink from a water fountain–or is it a bubbler?  (Never can recall which one is the more correct name for the civil rights touchstone.)

There is every reason to be pleased with the movement that this issue has taken in most segments of society.  More and more people live openly and honestly in gay relationships, and the planets have not lost their orbits as a result.  There is no reasonable argument to make as to why gay marriages should not be allowed, and treated equally with other marriages in this nation.

Today the Democratic National Convention will approve the platform, and make history when it supports marriage equality.

Last week the Republicans approved their platform which remains wedded to uncompromising bigotry.  I feel sorry for the Log Cabin Republicans who continue to place their faith in the GOP as the best vehicle for future progress in the nation, while they remains second-class citizens in their own party.

Over the past 20 years a massive sea-change has taken place in the nation over gay rights.  Other countries have also expanded the horizon with marriage equality and fairness.

Today all can applaud the actions of the Democratic Party who will place their stamp of approval on the rights for gay men and women to live free and pursue happiness in this nation through marriage equality.

Meanwhile the GOP only mouthed the words about freedom at their national convention.

Paul Ryan can talk all he wants about where our freedoms come from, but all that demonstrates when the dust settles and his actions become clear is how white men can use their power to deny freedoms they claim mean so much.

Today in small ways lots of people around the nation will celebrate another step in the ongoing struggle for full civil rights.

Thanks to the Democratic Party.

One thought on “Gay Americans Can Thank The Democratic Party As Convention Places Marriage Equality In Party Platform

  1. Lisa

    As much as I appreciate the subject of the article, to say that gays should thank the Democrats is to insinuate that we are not one of them. Since there are gay organizations in both the Dem and Rep parties, I feel a better headline would have been Gays Wield Power in Democratic Party. The Log Cabin Republicans have been pushing for the same stance but have been unable to amass enough power to enact it.

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