Kennedy Family Still A Part Of Democratic National Convention

There is still a place called Camelot within the Democratic Party.

We will never forget our history.  We also can  be assured the story has not concluded.

The last time we gathered for a Democratic convention the lion of the senate, Teddy Kennedy, was still among us, and presented a fiery speech for candidate Barrack Obama.   The memories of the times a Kennedy made history at a convention are numerous, and will be recalled this week as a new chapter is made in American politics.

The last Democratic National Convention that gathered without a Kennedy in Congress was held in Chicago in 1944, only six weeks after the D-day invasion, at a time when typewriters, telephones, and teletypes were the gold standard of communication.

Nearly seven decades later, the two-dozen family members who gather in Charlotte, N.C., will find themselves in that unfamiliar position again, without a standard-bearer of national clout since the 2009 death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Although some delegates might consign the family to a place of sentimental nostalgia, far removed from the Web-wired world of today’s politics, the Kennedys plan to be a presence at Charlotte. Political discussion will be fostered there through family-related forums, and Joseph P. Kennedy III, a candidate to succeed US Representative Barney Frank in Congress, will introduce a video tribute to the late senator.

For family loyalists, the absence of a Kennedy on Capitol Hill is not an ending but rather a short break before a new beginning.

“It won’t be long before there’s another Kennedy in Congress,” predicted Philip Johnston, 68, former chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, in a reference to the younger Kennedy’s bid for the Fourth Congressional District seat. “There’s a generational passing of the torch that’s going on.”

2 thoughts on “Kennedy Family Still A Part Of Democratic National Convention

  1. Solly

    I looked at several articles about the new 4th district where Joey the III is buying a congressional seat. It’s good to be a Kennedy.

  2. Solly

    I’m watching the intro by Joey the III for Uncle Teddy’s video at the convention. Apparently all the other Kennedys were in Hyannisport rubbing lard on the cat’s boil and couldn’t be there to give the intro. Way to go, Democratic party, that congressional race is a 3 way primary, but give the face time to Joey the III. The peons can just line up and vote.

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