Media Feedback On Michelle Obama All Positive After Last Night’s Speech

America loved Michelle Obama last night at the Democratic Convention.

So did the media covering this most impressive First Lady.

“CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: ‘The First Lady not hitting a home run, but probably a
grand slam.’ … NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Michelle Obama owned this convention in a
way that no speaker owned the convention in Tampa.’ … CNN analyst David
Gergen: ‘If they have two more nights like this, they can probably break this race open.’ … Fox News’s Martha McCallum: ‘Incredibly positive, incredibly
enthusiastic response from the floor.’ … Fox News’ Brit Hume: ‘Incredibly
impressive woman.’ … MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: ‘Oh my god.’ … MSNBC’s Ed
Schultz: ‘Tonight we were reintroduced to a star.’ … CNN analyst Donna
Brazille: ‘Love is in the air.'”

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