30-Year Social Security Fraud Case Over Missing Woman In Portage County, Family Members Charles Jost, Dolores Disher, And Ronald Disher Have To Provide Answers


Everybody loves a good mystery.

As I bounce back from my early morning colonoscopy (all was 100% fine, and no need to consider another for a decade when I turn 60) I have done two things with the remainder of my day.

First, I have eaten, and eaten, and then started all over again.  (I even chided in a friendly way the nurse at the end of the procedure about why there were no chocolate chip cookies with the cranberry juice that was offered.)

Second, I have spent the day resting in the way I love the best.  Reading a good book, Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci.  A great page-tuner.

But I also spent much of the day searching the web for political news.  Then as I do everyday I searched the web for events  from around my home town area of Hancock in Waushara County.   The one I found today was filled with social security fraud, the disappearance of a woman for the past 30 years who would be 101 years-old this fall, and three suspects who were arrested and have lots of questions to answer.

As with anyone who likes a good mystery, and just to add more intrigue to this story, comes news that the State Crime Lab is involved with cadaver dogs picking up spots of interest, but no human remains have been found thus far.

Marie Jost was last seen in 1982, and authorities believe that she is buried in the backyard of the Amherst home.  In addition one of her sons, Theodore, also missing for decades, is also thought to be buried in back yard.

One of the three arrested is the daughter of the missing woman.

I repeat again, I love a good mystery.

Charles Jost, 65, Dolores Disher, 67, and Ronald Disher, 71, are all charged with theft and fraud. They remain behind bars in Portage County on $20,000 cash bonds.

According to prosecutors, the three had received $175,000 in social security benefits which was to be paid to Marie Jost. Investigators say when they searched the Disher’s Almond home they found $8,000 throughout the property. When they searched Marie’s last known address in Amherst Junction, where her son Charles currently lives, they found $9,000 in a fanny-pack.

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office says in August they were contacted by the United States Social Security Administration asking for assistance in locating Marie Jost after after several pieces of mail went unanswered. Marie, who will turn 101 in October, had also not used medical benefits since 1980.

There is also this tidbit…….

On August 30, Deputies went to Marie’s home and made contact with Charles. He explained that Marie was alive and well and on a trip with her other son, Theodore, who is 74 and also hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.

Investigators also questioned Marie’s daughter and son-in-law, Ronald and Delores Disher at their Almond home. During the interview, Ronald pulled out a sharpened metal file and threatened the officers at the scene. He was later taken into custody.

White trash is never very classy, even in a good mystery.

Meanwhile, investigators are still combing Marie Jost’s home for clues. Captain O’Kray tells FOX55 News@9 that authorities have reason to believe Marie Jost may be buried in the backyard of the Amherst home. Investigators have been searching the property using cadaver dogs. O’Kray says the dogs have detected some evidence of human remains. The State Crime Lab is on the scene processing evidence but because the remains are up to 30 years old, the tests may not produce conclusive results.

Neighbors say Charles is the only person they have ever seen living at the residence on Alm Road in Amherst. People who lived next door to him told FOX55 News@9 he mostly kept to himself and they would occasionally see him walking or riding his bike.

O’Kray anticipates a lengthy investigation because authorities have a lot of evidence to process. He say the home is “like an episode of hoarders” with items packed from floor to ceiling throughout the house. In court Thursday, prosecutors said the Dishers were hoarders and their house had no running water. They also said that Charles Jost’s residence was “even worse” calling it “uninhabitable.”

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