Madison Mayor Soglin Now Part Of State Rep. Hulsey Water-Splashing Story

This is getting more complicated than it should.

State Rep. Brett Hulsey said Wednesday his recent disorderly conduct citation  involving “horseplay” and photographing a 9-year-old boy at a city beach may  have been “politically motivated,” possibly involving Mayor Paul Soglin’s  administration.

Soglin declined to comment on the allegations Wednesday, saying he would  speak to the matter “in the next week or two.” Madison police defended their  investigation of the beach incident.

Hulsey, who pleaded no contest to the municipal disorderly conduct charge and  was fined $114, disputed statements Soglin aide Sally Miley provided to police  about the incident at Spring Harbor Beach on July 4, which involved her  grandson.

Police also left out key information from his side of the story in their  official incident report, he said.

Miley, who witnessed parts of the incident near her home with other members  of her family, shared her version of events with police and also told officers  that city Parks Director Kevin Briski told her of past complaints involving  Hulsey, including allegations he stalked a lifeguard.

One thought on “Madison Mayor Soglin Now Part Of State Rep. Hulsey Water-Splashing Story

  1. Mark E. Bye

    This makes Hulsey’s comment, “I’ll take one for the team”, reportedly uttered at his initial court appearance even more curious.

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