“I Am Not Copernicus, Now Let’s Go To Bed”

This is my way of asking what was that bright planet in the early morning sky this morning?

Early this morning (4:00 A.M.) I was aware of a low rumbling noise that sounded like a helicopter off in the distance.  The noise just continued, and never got closer.  I stayed in bed, and was in and out of sleep until 4:30 when I got up to try and determine what I was hearing.

The floors in some of the rooms in our Victorian have that soft creaking sound, and were just loud enough to wake my better half.

“What are you doing?”

Strangely at that hour James sounded more accusatory than inquisitive.

While he could not really hear anything I headed into various rooms to locate the continuing sound.  Finally I told him I was headed out onto the front stoop to listen.

Once on the stoop it was very clear that the loud rumble was coming from the Capitol area, only a few blocks away.  I determined that the work crews must be clearing away the massive placements from the Iron Man Competition which was held Sunday.

One mystery solved, but another was about to begin.

Looking towards the eastern sky I was just amazed at the precise and stark nature of the stars, moon, and one very bright planet.  It was all so clear.

The night sky resembled what I had seen out west where the atmosphere is better suited for stargazing.  It was as if I could reach out and touch the objects.

It might be that is how the sky looks at 4:30 A.M.  every morning.  I can assure my readers I am not about to find out.

James came out to see what amused me at that hour, and I pointed to the large planet that demanded to be viewed.

In spite of my awe over the sight he had one comment with perfect comedy timing, “I am not Copernicus, now let’s go to bed”. (He is usually more curious about things.)

Back in bed I was not able to sleep, and soon heard the thud of one of the daily papers hit against the front door and land on the stoop.  I should have waited a bit longer, and asked the man who delivers the paper.  After all, he sees the night sky all the time.

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