Plan To Attend Capitol Noon Sing-A-Long Monday, Sept, 17 To Celebrate Court Ruling On ACT 10

There is a mood of excitement and even euphoria in the air around Madison following the ruling late Friday that found ACT 10 to be unconstitutional.  Walking the Dane County Farmers’ Market today at the Capitol while listening to the conversations of other shoppers alerted me once again to the fact that there are many who agree with the working men and women who make up unions.

Looking from the faces of those talking about unions, and then turning my attention to the sunlit Capitol where the anti-democratic actions of police officers continues was a sad reminder of the hill we still must climb.   Just because Republicans do not like the message of protestors does not mean they should be ticketed.  It sure as hell does not mean we are going to stay quiet!

There is no doubt that we must continue to stay strong, and fight for the progressive causes that are not only just, but are winning in the courts.

Therefore, I urge all those who can be in attendance to join with your fellow union supporters at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Monday, September 17th for a noon sing-a-long in the Capitol Rotunda. 

The only permit we need is the First Amendment! 

Bring out your progressive ideals, and lets share this moment together.

WGN’s Bob Kessler At Grand Ole Opry With Whisperin’ Bill Anderson

This is just great news.

As both a WGN radio listener, life-long fan of the Grand Ole Opry, and decades long fan of Bill Anderson–this can only be categorized under the label ‘great news’.

Late night radio in Chicago for decades was dominated by Steve King and Johnnie Putman.  One of their producers was Bob Kessler.  He is more  than just talented in a radio studio, where he also reports the news.

Kessler is a fantastic harmonica player and will be backing  Whisperin’ Bill
Anderson on the Grand Ole Opry tonight (Saturday, Sept. 15.)

To stand on that stage–maybe even one foot inside the famed circle–that would be the entire Christmas card letter for one year with that single event!

Bob Kessler studied with David Bloom (head of the Bloom School of Jazz), Howard Levy and Corky Siegel (both harmonica geniuses), Nick Bisesi (jazz expert who also taught Kessler clarinet),  and Sean Cleland (Irish fiddler who taught jigs, reels and hornpipes).

Bill Anderson will be a must hear on WSM tonight for the Opry broadcast.

Wisconsin Capitol Police Not Happy Being Photographed

The level of insanity continues to rise at the Wisconsin State Capitol concerning the role the police are taking at cracking down on democracy.

The latest evidence was printed this week in Isthmus.

Capitol Police are actively filming people in the Capitol each day, in efforts that seem designed to intimidate protesters and the general public from being in the space.

But the police officers are not happy to have their own photographs taken.

Two Isthmus employees — web editor Kristian Knutsen and design artist David Michael Miller — were warned this week that they were “obstructing” police officers while taking pictures in the public space.

David Erwin, Capitol Police chief, would not talk to an Isthmus reporter — he referred questions to a Department of Administration spokesperson and then abruptly hung up the phone. Stephanie Marquis, the Department of Administration spokesperson, did not respond to phone calls or an email on Thursday afternoon seeking comment.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, taking photos and recording video of police officers in public is a constitutional right.

Knutsen was photographing protesters on Wednesday, when he noticed three police officers, one with a video camera, recording the events. He says he began to take photographs of them because it was “a striking scene. It’s visually interesting.”

Other people on the scene also began taking pictures of police. The officer with the video camera responded, Knutsen says, by training his camera on these observers.

While acknowledging that police have as much a right as anyone to take pictures inside the Capitol, Knutsen adds, “When they’re repeatedly pointing a camera at someone’s face, that’s intimidation.”

When Knutsen asked the officer with the camera for his name and badge number, another officer warned that he was “obstructing” their work.

Saturday Song: David Houston And Barbara Mandrell “After Closing Time”