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Newsweek’s Tina Brown Owes Muslims An Apology

September 18, 2012

Not for the first time does Tina Brown try to make Newsweek so ‘out there’ in a feeble attempt to gain readers.  She might note that advertisers are not amused at her asinine style.

The latest mess that makes for a Newsweek edition concerns the Islamic faith, following the news from the Middle East last week.

The magazine’s story, penned by feminist and atheist activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is teased on the cover with the blurb “How I Survived It. How We Can End It.”

The news peg? The riots spreading across the Middle East in response to an anti-Islam video.

Ali writes that the protesters behind the unrest, many calling for those responsible for the video to be punished, “represent the mainstream of contemporary Islam.”

“In the age of globalization and mass immigration, such intolerance has crossed borders and become the defining characteristic of Islam,” she writes.

That is the most bigoted and inaccurate pile of stink printed this week.

To lump all of the Muslims around the globe to the actions of a small fringe is indefensible.

It would be as if I stated all editors-in-chief were as bombastic, short-sighted, and truly bitchy as Tina Brown.

That would not be fair to the sincere, mild-mannered, erudite editors-in-chief of countless magazines that many of us take the time to read—and pay for–each week. (Unlike Newsweek.)

Tina Brown owes Muslims around the globe an apology.

I know followers of the Islamic faith, and not one of them falls into the stereotypical BS that Brown was so comfortable printing in Newsweek.

I suspect Brown has Muslim friends too, and I am sure they have alerted her to the bigotry and harm of the story that appeared in her publication.

I also strongly suspect that Brown, in her heart, knows she was wrong.  I have never stated Brown is not educated, just hungry for ads and money and self-glory.

Tina Brown needs to offer the Muslim community an apology  I am not asking for a cover story, but a nice letter from the Editor-in-Chief come the next issue would be most appropriate.

P.S. Tina, I really laughed when you allowed an atheist to write a story on one of the main religions in the world.  Next edition you might write a story about how you saved Newsweek.  The laugher should continue from your rag.

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