Jim Lehrer Announces Plans For First Presidential Debate

The preparation of the questions are surely already underway by Jim Lehrer.  He is a solid representative of the news profession, and always does a superb job in the role of moderator.

President Barack  Obama and Republican challenger Mitt  Romney are expected to spend half their first debate talking about the U.S.  economy, the moderator said.

The second half of the 90-minute debate Oct. 3 is expected to focus on  “healthcare, the role of government, and governing,” Jim Lehrer, executive editor and  former anchor of the “PBS NewsHour,” said in a statement released through the  Commission on Presidential Debates.

The topics could change “because of news developments,” Lehrer said.

The debate, at the University of Denver’s 7,200-seat Magness Arena, is to be  divided into six 15-minute segments and was agreed to focus on domestic  policy.



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