Julaine Appling: Gays Are “Wealthier Than The Average American”, “Good At Situating Themselves In Powerful Positions”

Jack Craver has a must read concerning the insanity of Julaine Appling.

A reader notified me of a comment Appling recently made on her Facebook page, in  which she indicates a belief that the gay rights movement is headed by the  devil.

And, like Romney, Appling described what she sees as some harsh political  realities:

“(Gays) portray themselves as victims, which pulls at the heartstrings of  Americans. They are also, per capita, wealthier than the average American, which  gives them an edge. Add to that, they are incredibly good at situating  themselves in powerful positions and have lots of angry energy.”

The notion that gays are richer than average Americans is a popular talking  point within the religious right that has been contested by at least a couple of  studies, linked here  and here.

With Julaine Appling on my mind comes this pithy article about the anti-gay hate-monger who seems to live with a woman…..

Frankly, we are surprised you haven’t found Mr. “Christian” Right already. You must meet countless heterosexual, pro-marriage, age-appropriate followers of Michele Bachmann who have lost their wives due to death, divorce or murder. Has none of these eligible gentlemen ever caught your eye?

Get aggressive, Julaine.  Ask for a phone number. Use some of that chutzpah you show on the soapbox in your personal life. You’re not getting any younger.

2 thoughts on “Julaine Appling: Gays Are “Wealthier Than The Average American”, “Good At Situating Themselves In Powerful Positions”

  1. Patrick

    Perhaps we need a program to help us lame straight guys?

    But in all honesty, this is no shocker. Almost all the gay people I know have their “crap” together.

  2. CommonCents

    Although her facts are off (again), I guess if Julaine has a problem with rich people having an edge, she must have a problem with the Mitt Romneys and Paul Ryans and lots of her fellow Republicans, including even Pat Robertson!

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