Tom Skilling, Best Meteorologist In Midwest, Gets New 10-Year Contract

It is just a joy to watch the weather report on WGN TV, thanks to Tom Skilling.

For many years I have tuned into Tom Skilling for his weather report as he offers it in such a dynamic way.  With the best computer graphics to be found for a TV meteorologist, Skilling allows viewers insight into weather phenomena and historical weather trivia.  Be it sunshine or hail stones there is no better  way to be informed on what is happening in the atmosphere than by watching Skilling.

Therefore many are very pleased with the news concerning Mr. Weatherman.  Also check out Tom Skilling’s blog.

In a blockbuster deal that was expected to be signed Wednesday, Skilling, 60, agreed to continue as chief meteorologist for the Tribune Co. flagships here through 2022. Terms were not disclosed, but Skilling is believed to be the highest paid local weatherman in the country, with a million-dollar salary and 12-person staff.

“This is a good deal for Tom and for Tribune because it gives both of them the security of one another for a decade,” said attorney Joel Weisman, Skilling’s longtime agent. “It’s particularly noteworthy in an era when people are uncertain about the future. Most contracts are actually growing shorter.”

One thought on “Tom Skilling, Best Meteorologist In Midwest, Gets New 10-Year Contract

  1. About 20 years ago, there was a rumor that Tom Skilling was going to leave WGN. Just a rumor. Within hours the FOX, CBS and NBC affilates in Chicago were offering him multi million contracts on a rumor.

    Tom I hope you are here for many years to come.

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