Trivia: Jimmy Carter Sets A Record

From today’s Wisconsin State Journal

A little over a week ago, Jimmy Carter became not the oldest, but the  longest-surviving former president. As of Sept. 8, Carter had survived his  presidency by 11,554 days, one day more than former President Herbert  Hoover.

Carter, like Hoover, has the advantage of being a one-term president, but  unlike Hoover, Carter continues to add to his record.

Might I add that Jimmy Carter is one of the best examples of what life can provide after a major defeat or loss.  After being voted out of the White House Carter became an international problem solver, thinker, writer.   Carter has made a difference in the world, and one can only hope for many more years for this remarkable person.


One thought on “Trivia: Jimmy Carter Sets A Record

  1. CommonCents

    Obviously, Mr. Gary does not know a lot about President Hoover. Like President Carter, President Hoover spent his years as an ex-president helping charitable causes, (including Boys & Girls Clubs), and serving on public commissions, (i.e. an appointment by President Truman). On Hoover’s initiative, a school meals program in the American and British occupation zones of Germany was begun on April 14, 1947. The program served 3,500,000 children aged six through 18. A total of 40,000 tons of American food was provided during the Hooverspeisung (Hoover meals).

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