Saturday Song: Bob Kessler With Bill Anderson At Grand Ole Opry

I love to see dreams come true.  Be it in movies or books, I like to see the good guys win, and the dreams and hopes of someone realized.

Last weekend I noted that Bob Kessler was going to appear on the Grand Ole Opry playing harmonica while backing up Bill Anderson.  Kessler is a WGN radio news reporter.

I am always drawn to those who get to stand on the famed circle center stage at the Opry, and from time to time post about that moment for various people.  When I originally posted about Kessler I had no idea he would be able to stand where so many music legends once did.  I suspect he was not sure he would have that opportunity either.

But then Kessler provided a comment to my post, and linked his performance so my readers could hear it.

Thanks for the post!   It was as incredible as I thought it would be…Bill motioned for me to stand in the circle after we played and had me take a bow.   It was humbling, thrilling, totally unforgettable!

I love moments like this!  I am very pleased for him.

So today for the first time I have no video for a Saturday Song, but I have something better.  The link takes you to the site for the song, Po Folks with Bob Kessler and Bill Anderson.  This is what it sounds like to have a memory for a life-time created.

Following the song there is a bit of dialogue that underscores the thrill that must have taken place for Kessler, and I want to share that today.