News Story From Senkaku and Diaoyu Not The Type We See Everyday

This news story, and pictures from the disputed islands of Senkaku and Diaoyu have made for some amazing photos.

Pictured below is a Japanese Gaurd vessel spraying water on fishing boats from Taiwan near the islands that are claimed by Japan, China, and Taiwan in the East China Sea.

Double-Edged Sword For Mitt Romney

What will Richie Rich do?

“Mitt Romney might still win this election, but he’s now stuck in a trap that
will be difficult to escape. Americans are rejecting his argument that they should view their choice mostly as a referendum on Obama’s economic performance, because they blame the sluggish recovery on the magnitude of the mess Obama inherited from George W. Bush, and believe things will get better in Obama’s second term. That is putting pressure on Romney to be more specific about why is alternative, such as it is, would spark a faster recovery than is occurring under Obama.”

“But Romney can’t be too much more specific about that alternative, because it risks reminding voters of the degree to which his policies resemble those of the aforementioned George W. Bush, under whom the meltdown happened in the first place.”<!–

Tommy Thompson: ‘Who Better Than Me… To Do Away With Medicaid and Medicare?’

The Republican senate primary in Wisconsin forced Tommy Thompson to run to the right, play to the most conservative elements in the party.  As such, Thompson made a decision to define himself as a harsh conservative in order to defeat his rivals.

Now it is hard for Thompson to pivot back to the center and claim some high ground for the general election.

Many recall Thompson while serving as governor being both pragmatic as well as conservative.  It was a winning combination at the polls, and also allowed him to have an amazing rapport with the public.

I understand the need to play hardball to win an election.  But there seems to be a rougher edge around Thompson this election then he really needed to create.  Sadly we all know this has been done as come high-priced consultant told him it was needed in order to secure the votes of the most conservative voters.

Thompson has decided to play to the Tea Party element of the GOP.  That does not look good on an aging politician who is seeking his final chance on the election stage.

I think if Thompson had maintained the image of a senior politician with some statesman-like qualities he would be faring better at this point in the election.  His best-selling attribute was his friendly handshaking style that made him come across as just the average Wisconsinite.  He should have been able to convey his past experience and performance into a winning campaign.

The fact is however Thompson has changed, and become just another hard-edged conservative who will say and do anything to get elected.

One might expect some newbie on the right-wing who is trying to cut his teeth in politics to play to the wing-nuts in the party in such a careless way.

But I must be honest and say I never though Thompson would go so far astray from the smart politician this state knows him to be just to sway some fringe voters.