Dolores and Ron Disher to Stand Trial For Strange 30-Year Social Security Scam In Wisconsin

Everybody loves a good mystery.  Be it the books we read as kids where ‘the butler did it’ to the PBS series Mystery which I loved to watch over the decades as an adult.

The latest ‘who-done-it’ that has captivated many around the state is taking place in Portage County.  The story has gone national, even making the Huffington Post.

Today the court found that enough evidence supports that Dolores and Ron Disher will stand trial in a social security fraud case.

The larger question hanging over the fraud case is where are Marie Jost, 100, and her son Theodore, 74.

“We have a real life murder mystery on our hands,” Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood said.

Prosecutors dropped a bomb when they told the court Ronald Disher told two fellow inmates that his wife killed Marie’s Jost, and they buried her body in Amherst Junction.

Marie’s son, Charles, daughter, Dolores Disher and Dolores’ husband, Ronald were all charged with theft and fraud after investigators say they cashed $175,000 worth of Marie’s social security checks. Investigators says the three also changed their story when questioned about Marie and Theodore’s whereabouts.

In a news release, Captain Dale O’Kray from the Portage County Sheriff’s Department says investigators have stopped processing the scene at Marie’s Amherst Junction home. Several small bone fragments have been sent off to Madison for testing to determine if they are human. Earlier this month, cadaver dogs picked up spots of interest at the home.

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