Why Used Book Sales Bring a Smile

Saturday brought a number of friends and relation to our home for a day of conversation, laughter, and food.  One of those present was a friend from broadcasting school who I have kept in touch with since the days when we were both working at stations in Wisconsin.

As he parked his car and walked up the sidewalk I noticed a red book under his arm.

“I knew you would like this”, he said as he handed me Editorial and Political Cartooning by Syd Hoff.  “I think I paid a quarter for it at a sale at a local library.”

I love political cartoons, and the much appreciate those who can both draw and convey timely and punchy summations about the topic of the day.  Often on this blog there can be found political cartoons as they can define a person or event better than a 1,000 word article.

This is yet another example of the delight that comes from used book sales.   This also should be a  reminder that no matter how esoteric one may think a book may be, and therefore perhaps consider just tossing it as opposed to donating it for a sale, there is always someone somewhere that will be very pleased to own it.

This particular book came from the Milwaukee Area Technical College, and now finds a home in Madison where political cartoons are much appreciated.

Taking the time to box old books and donate them to a local sale may feel like extra work that you can not afford to take.

But let me assure you there is a smile somewhere coming your way when the right book makes a connection.

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