Democrats Defined Mitt Romney For Election, Republicans Need To Rein In Crazies In 2016 By Nominating A Moderate

I do not go out searching for comments like that which I read this morning from a prominent Republican concerning the presidential election.

Instead the comments just keep coming in news articles and election morning summations from reporters.  And I just keep reading.

The latest one to appear is perfect at it comes from a constant conservative whiner.

…. GOP partisans privately admit that they’ve been frustrated by the Romney campaign’s response rate. “Obama’s campaign responds to everything from Romney — obsessively — while Romney’s campaign responds to almost nothing,” said one plugged in GOP strategist. And, on a conference call with reporters yesterday, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour summed up this frustration: “The Obama people spent a whole lot of money to define and disqualify Romney than Romney people did to introduce Romney.”

I wonder if Barbour knows that the entire GOP field was flawed this year,  with the exception of Jon Huntsman.  The majority of the field was just plain bat-crap crazy.

Mitt Romney was the last one able to stand from the primaries, but that did not mean he was a good national candidate.  Instead of snapping comments the GOP might want to work at reining in the crazy elements of their party, and nominate someone who is moderate and sensible in 2016.

The GOP should be concerned they allowed someone so easy to be defined by the opposition from gaining the nomination.  The GOP might want to consider how far adrift they wish to be from mainstream voters before giving aid and comfort to the teabaggers who have proven to 1) undermine the GOP attempt to gain the majority in the senate in 2010, and 2) made the primary presidential nominating process a continuous laugh-line for the nation.

Back in the country where I grew up everyone knew  that if one does not want wild cats from lingering around outside one only needs to stop feeding them.

Perhaps Barbour might ponder how much pandering the GOP should continue to provide for teabaggers.   Come Election Night he will not only have more time to consider that idea, but more reason to do so as well.

4 thoughts on “Democrats Defined Mitt Romney For Election, Republicans Need To Rein In Crazies In 2016 By Nominating A Moderate

  1. Alinka

    Thats the condition ;? You dont pray for our nation always, dear, as we Christians suppose to do ? well, if thats what it takes to get the prayer outta our good old Ferrell, then I can assure you, you will be granted your wish.

  2. Solly

    yeah, we wouldn’t want that, like in 1972 (“I am not a crook”), 1984 & 86(The United States does NOT trade arms for hostages!”), and 2004 (“We are attacking unprovoked for the first time in our history because of weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein, blah blah blah, 9-11, but we are not saying they are connected.”). That would be tragic, eh Ferrell?

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