President Obama Did Not Show A-Game In Presidential Debate

This post was up while the debate was still underway…just to be clear…

This was not the finest night for President Obama.

While it is true that President  Obama has not had a debate of this type for four years, one might have thought there would  be more energy and passion and punchy style for the first presidential debate.  There is no way to describe  Obama other than passive and slow at swinging back.  Mitt Romney was allowed to strike hard, walk over moderator Jim Lehrer, and make some outlandish statements that did not get smacked down.

As an example I kept waiting for Obama to challenge Romney about what deductions he would eliminate to balance off reductions in tax rates.  There were some openings such as Romney seeking out a new accountant that deserved a response.   None came.

President Obama failed to state when given the chance that corporations actually get a tax break for relocating manufacturing overseas.  Romney stated he was not aware of that.  Obama should have instructed him as to the facts.

Where was the Democratic punch about the 47%?

The harsh views that Romney holds about the federal government were not rejected by Obama with the passion it needed during the debate.

Romney had no reluctance to continually interrupt Lehrer. All day there was the argument put out by analysts that Obama might allow Lehrer to challenge Romney.  When that did not happen it was vital Obama step in.

Sadly, President Obama failed to do that tonight with the skill and energy he has demonstrated in the past.

7 thoughts on “President Obama Did Not Show A-Game In Presidential Debate

  1. Solly

    I’m looking for someone to hold the other side of my big “BARRY, WHERE WERE YOU YOU WHEN WE NEEDED YOU? BEFORE THE RECALL!!!” sign at the rally tomorrow. You up for it Deke? Of course we’ll have to stand outside the rally. Only approved signs allowed inside. A la Shrub. Ed Schultz is wondering if B.O. is going to have the cajones to protect Social Security based on this performance. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. CommonCents

    Your right Deke. The president performed poorly. No mention of Bain, tax returns, or the 47%!! Last night should have been a knockout win for the President. What a disappointment!

  3. Alinka17

    Yes, yet O can turn it to his advantage yet. How does it go about the revenge, being a dish best served cold. Romney got all cocky and thought he owned the world, let his unbridled mouth run and said a few blatant lies that even by a politician’s standards are too much, thus essentially painting himself into a corner.

    During the next 2 debates,he will unevitably flip flop – he will have to, pursuing voter’s approval – and this is when Obama should brings those up in ” during the last debate you said…” Mitts feet, meet fire.

    The smart media outlets (an oxymoron and almost a dinosaur today, I know) are cleverly setting him up, as I see and chuckle..Mitt thinks jsut because he managed to be liked once he can go wild.Not so fast

  4. The fact finders had mistakes even for both.

    Lehrer tried to save Obama, and failed. Three really stupid question from Lehrer should tell you something.

    Obama got his butt handed to him, with Lehrer for garnish… as for Romney interrupting Lehrer – you forget…it’s Romney who is running for President..Not Jim Lehrer

    The president has had more pressing things on his mind for four years..just hasn’t done much to deal with them – why should debate night be any different?

    I was sadly disappointed by the Presidents performance…. I hope he does better next time.

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