Air Force One “The Flying White House” Lands And Leaves Madison, Wisconsin

Hat Tip To Rail Pro for the shots of Air Force One landing.

It has been an amazing day in Madison as President Obama arrived for a campaign rally at UW-Madison.  Everywhere in this city there was excitement and discussion about this all important election, and the campaign visit by a sitting president.

It all started at the Dane County Airport where the massive “Flying White House” brought our leader to the city.

Shortly after 5:00 P.M. Air Force One lifted off over the city and left for Washington, D.C.  I figured that one of the places to view this was just steps from home.  While standing on the shore of Lake Monona one of those memories that will last a very long time took place.  The roar of a serious aircraft could be heard, and then the sight of the large jet lifting and banking into the sky.

It brought a lump to the throat, and with it a heartfelt thanks for all that President Obama has done for this nation.

One thought on “Air Force One “The Flying White House” Lands And Leaves Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Did the first aid guys get the President patched up pretty well before he got to Wisconsin? MSNBC’s – His media organizations report made it sound like he got battered pretty badly in the debate, and all of the main stream media is doing spin control today to try to shore up Obama’s tepid attempts to appear presidential… That is probably going to leave some scars, no matter how many band-aids are applied. Wish I could have seen it…

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