UW-Madison Professor Ken Mayer Gets Cheddar-Head Award Concerning President Obama Rally

This week was electrifying in Madison with the campaign rally for President Obama taking place on the UW-Madison campus.  For days leading up to the event there was great anticipation, especially in light of the rally being held the day after the first presidential debate.

To say it is an honor to have a president visit Madison is an understatement.  To have a slice of the great political story play out here, and for a piece of our nation’s history from the 2012 election be written here is truly something to be proud of.

Which is why it was so befuddling and upsetting to read the words of UW-Madison professor Ken Mayer.

Several professors were upset that classes had to be cancelled, offices closed, and their daily routine on campus altered for the presidential visit.

Seriously, there were some professors who were so caught up in their own day-to-day work on campus they seemingly could not grasp the importance of President Obama speaking on campus.

In his letter, Mayer criticized the location.

“It hardly seems appropriate to shut the central campus down for an entire  day, closing offices and seriously disrupting our mission,” he wrote. “I have  several colleagues who had scheduled exams for Thursday. Surely there were other  venues that would pose less disturbance.”

That Mayer was not able to see the larger picture is rather sad.

For truly small-minded thinking over a truly important presidential visit UW-Madison professor Ken Mayer receives Caffeinated Politics’ Cheddar-Head Award. This is the first time anyone has earned it, and I must say he richly deserves it.

It would be wrong to end this post on a sour note, as I thought the rally and visit by the president was most inspiring.

So did the 30,000 folks who gathered at the rally, making this event the largest for President Obama this campaign season!  There were so many people who wanted to attend that authorities needed to turn people away from the gates.

I assume Mayer was grading papers in his office with the blinds shut during the rally, with a snarl on his face.

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