Jackson County, Wisconsin Battles The Sand Mining Business

What is being allowed to happen in places like Jackson County, Wisconsin is a travesty.

Not for the first time does this blog call attention to the sand mining business that is ruining the land, creating harmful side effects for the health of those who live in the area, while undermining the efforts of locals to control the fate of their communities.

One of the best–and I mean BEST–articles I have read on the dreadful impact of sand mining comes from the Bluecheddar blog site.

Let me open the story for you and then strongly encourage you to read the rest on the blog.

I recently found myself standing in a little township called Franklin in Jackson County in a valley surrounded by high hills.

That day allegedly a threat was reported against all 3 of the township’s board members. It was the 2nd threat in a few weeks.

I and a few Franklin residents circled Chris as we listened to the latest news come out of his speaker phone. We learned that due to the threat, Chris could not reserve the Franklin town hall and that in fact nobody could reserve the hall for the remainder of the week.

The immediate responses of the others suggested they didn’t assume the threat was genuine – that they suspected that an excuse had been found to keep concerned citizens out of the public hall. Nobody would go on the record saying as much.  Keeping controversial statements off-record is common in any Wisconsin township where large-scale sand mines are on the agenda.

This was the 2nd threat related to town government in the last few weeks. A previous threat was allegedly related to one town supervisor’s September 13th “no” vote against allowing the Coulee Frac sand mine.  Now the Jackson County Sheriff is investigating two threats while residents of Franklin wait and wonder whether they will have to endure yet another tense vote on a mine site – a site that at least 240 landowners have said by petition that they do not want.  Franklin Township is populated by about 450 people.***

From Chris’ yard I could see the land that a trio of men plan to strip mine under the name “Coulee Frac Sand LLC”.  As of 5 months ago they became mine prospectors jumping in on an ongoing rush to scoop millions of tons of valuable sand out of Wisconsin’s hills.

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