How I Miss Tim Russert On “Meet The Press”

Not for the first time did I sit on a Sunday morning missing Tim Russert while watching Meet The Press.

Not for the first time did the bulk of the show feature pundits of various stripes analyzing the political landscape and offering spin for the various parties as opposed to a main guest who was grilled for answers.

When Tim Russert was alive and in charge of the must-see Sunday show it was filled with substance, and was known as the toughest interview on national television.

During the political season, such as the one we are now witnessing, Russert would have the candidates from the heavy-hitting senate races for interviews, and even debates.  There was heft for his show, and always the Monday paper would have a comment from one of those interviewed with a snippet that made for a larger-themed news article.

Can anyone image that being the case from the roundtable type appearance that made for this morning’s broadcast?

I understand that things never stay the same, and broadcasters and journalists come and go.

But why do the changes always seems to ratchet downwards instead of upwards?

God, I miss Tim Russert.

4 thoughts on “How I Miss Tim Russert On “Meet The Press”

  1. Mark E. Bye

    You know incredibly bad journalism has become in this country when people pine for the “good old days” of Tim Russert.

  2. Gerald

    After this year there is no greater truth than to say Tim Russert is missed. Can you imagine an hour interview with the candidates with him asking the questions. I still miss him.

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