Words From George McGovern That We Need To Recall This Election

These words from George McGovern should still guide us.  He spoke them in 1972, and they still resonate for those who seek to lead our nation today.

“The great presidents, in my judgment, weren’t men with the killer instinct. The three biggest presidential monuments in the capital are dedicated to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. These were very tough-minded men, but it wasn’t the killer instinct that guided them.

“I think these were men with a rare degree of prudence, wisdom and compassion – qualities that are much needed now. Some cynics feel that decency in a politician is a handicap.

“But I think a sense of decency – not prudishness nor sanctimonious self-righteousness but old fashioned concern and love for others – will be essential in the next Presidents. That’s the kind of President I want to be.”

George McGovern Near End Of Life “No Longer Responsive”

We all know what this is like, and our prayers are with George and his family.  Go gently into the night.

The family of ex-U.S. Sen. George McGovern says the 90-year-old is “no longer responsive” in hospice care.

His daughter Ann McGovern told The Associated Press that her father is “nearing the end” and appears restful and peaceful. She says it’s a blessing that she and other family members are able to be with him.

Racist Mitt Romney Describes President Obama’s Ideas As “Foreign”

This is not the first time I call out the racist remarks uttered over and over by Mitt Romney–the man who belongs to the Mormon Church which denied priesthood for blacks until 1978.  Need I say more?

Over and over Mitt Romney describes President Obama as having “foreign ideas”.

Did Romney ever use that phrase on Michelle Bachmann where the phrase should be stencilled on her forehead?  Of course not, as she is a caucasian.

Mitt Romney knows these types of statements are racist and mean-spirited, but that seems not to matter to the shellacked-haired candidate.  I am not sure if his racist attitude comes from his Mormon upbringing or to his political party affiliation.

Last night the racist Republican nominee for president uttered the ‘foreign’ phrase again.

A group of us were watching the debate will eating a late-night dinner made by James (stuffed pork chops and asparagus) and I nearly choked while raising my fist and uttering something best left unstated on this blog.

The fact is the racist Republican Party knows the use of this word works for them.  Nothing in a campaign is left to chance, and the use of this word has been tested with the in-breeds of their party, and has been found that, on balance, Romney gains more than he loses by employing this kind of hateful, dog-whistle rhetoric.

When Romney stoops to the gutter when using such words and phrases he gives leverage to the same brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, spit-on-a-black congressman bunch of conservative Republicans who loves birtherism, or pretending Obama is “Muslim,”, or those who thinks he wants to “take your guns”.

Mitt Romney is a most hateful candidate, and will do or say anything to get elected.

At the end of this campaign let us make sure Mitt Romney is not anywhere near Washington, D.C.

After all, Romney is not fit to even pick President Obama’s used underwear off the floor.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pulling A Fast One Over His Constituents

There is no way to be amused with the actions of Jesse Jackson, Jr.

While we all can understand illness, in this case the Chicago congressman has been suffering from bi-polar disorder, no one should be accepting the larger story that has been pedaled for at least the past four months.

The fact is there is a raft of legal problems Jackson is facing, with even an indictment perhaps being handed down against him.

The elected official has not been seen by his constituents since June.

Well that is not entirely correct.

Jackson is not able to see his constituents because there might be press around who are surely to ask lots of more than legitimate questions.  So instead of talking with those he is supposed to represent Jackson smokes cigars at home, picks his kids up from school while driving his car, and visits a local bar where he sits in the back.

This secrecy and seclusion from constituents is just not the way for a public official to conduct themself–especially one that is on the ballot for reelection this November.

This is most unacceptable behavior.

While all can have empathy for those suffering from bi-polar illness, no one should he lulled into thinking that his illness is also not being used as cover to stay out of the public light at this most sensitive time as the legal dragnet closes around him.

That is no way for a congressperson to act.

His constituents haven’t seen him in four months. His staff insists he is too depressed for public appearances. But The Daily found Jesse Jackson Jr. smoking a cigar on the stoop of his $1.3 million home yesterday, the same day he was accused of bilking his campaign funds and drinking away his nights with women who aren’t his wife.

In his first interview since taking a leave of absence in early June, the Illinois congressman — sitting with his father, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson Sr. — talked about his health and how he is spending his time with Election Day less than a month away and his job on the line. In late summer, Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson announced that her husband had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was being treated at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Jackson told The Daily that he is “not well” and has doctor’s appointments twice a day at George Washington University Hospital, not far from his home in the trendy DuPont Circle neighborhood: “I go over there … at 10 [a.m.] and 1 p.m.”

When The Daily’s photographer took his picture earlier in the day, Jackson explained he had been “picking up my kids.” He didn’t elaborate on whether he was headed to the school or had just returned when he decided to take a cigar break on the steps, resting his lit Monte Cristo on a wall leading up to the front entrance of his red-brick Victorian. On the driveway were a cigar butt, a cigar band, a half-foot pile of ashes and a nearly full box of matches.

Jackson didn’t address the allegation that he misused money from his supporters — to decorate his home. One of his hometown newspapers, the Chicago Sun-Times, reported that Jackson is being investigated by the FBI and could be indicted before Nov. 6, when voters in the 2nd District will cast their ballots. The Justice Department is also looking into whether Jackson tried to buy the Senate seat left open when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.

In a brief interview alone before going into his son’s house, Jesse Jackson Sr. told The Daily that his son is “just trying to clear his head. He’s been under medical supervision.”

Jesse Jackson Sr. told The Daily that he had not spoken with his son in two or three days.

“I don’t know his routine,” the father said.

Jesse Jackson Jr. showed up at the Bier Baron Tavern last Tuesday and Wednesday, the first time he had been seen in a public place since going on leave.

Jackson caught the attention of both patrons and the staff. A server who would identify himself only as “Frank” told The Daily that Jackson was with a group that included both men and women.

“He was here. He was drinking. He was with other people,” Frank said. “I personally didn’t serve his table.”

Jackson’s home is on the delivery route that Anthony Short drives for UPS. He often sees the congressman outside.

“Most of the time he’s talking on his damn phone,” Short told The Daily. “He has a cigar and is puffing away.”