Racist Mitt Romney Describes President Obama’s Ideas As “Foreign”

This is not the first time I call out the racist remarks uttered over and over by Mitt Romney–the man who belongs to the Mormon Church which denied priesthood for blacks until 1978.  Need I say more?

Over and over Mitt Romney describes President Obama as having “foreign ideas”.

Did Romney ever use that phrase on Michelle Bachmann where the phrase should be stencilled on her forehead?  Of course not, as she is a caucasian.

Mitt Romney knows these types of statements are racist and mean-spirited, but that seems not to matter to the shellacked-haired candidate.  I am not sure if his racist attitude comes from his Mormon upbringing or to his political party affiliation.

Last night the racist Republican nominee for president uttered the ‘foreign’ phrase again.

A group of us were watching the debate will eating a late-night dinner made by James (stuffed pork chops and asparagus) and I nearly choked while raising my fist and uttering something best left unstated on this blog.

The fact is the racist Republican Party knows the use of this word works for them.  Nothing in a campaign is left to chance, and the use of this word has been tested with the in-breeds of their party, and has been found that, on balance, Romney gains more than he loses by employing this kind of hateful, dog-whistle rhetoric.

When Romney stoops to the gutter when using such words and phrases he gives leverage to the same brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, spit-on-a-black congressman bunch of conservative Republicans who loves birtherism, or pretending Obama is “Muslim,”, or those who thinks he wants to “take your guns”.

Mitt Romney is a most hateful candidate, and will do or say anything to get elected.

At the end of this campaign let us make sure Mitt Romney is not anywhere near Washington, D.C.

After all, Romney is not fit to even pick President Obama’s used underwear off the floor.

2 thoughts on “Racist Mitt Romney Describes President Obama’s Ideas As “Foreign”

  1. The word “foreign” is code for a racial remark? This is over the top! Deke, you are looking at things with a racial perspective. I tell you that it is more significant to you that President Obama is part black than it is to me. I imagine you will be more incensed when we have a President who is actually 100% Black American. You only see his blackness. I see something that is foreign to America: Gitmo, surveillance, forced healthcare, drone attacks of the innocent, and a President that spends more time at backyard barbecues than I do.

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