Words From George McGovern That We Need To Recall This Election

These words from George McGovern should still guide us.  He spoke them in 1972, and they still resonate for those who seek to lead our nation today.

“The great presidents, in my judgment, weren’t men with the killer instinct. The three biggest presidential monuments in the capital are dedicated to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. These were very tough-minded men, but it wasn’t the killer instinct that guided them.

“I think these were men with a rare degree of prudence, wisdom and compassion – qualities that are much needed now. Some cynics feel that decency in a politician is a handicap.

“But I think a sense of decency – not prudishness nor sanctimonious self-righteousness but old fashioned concern and love for others – will be essential in the next Presidents. That’s the kind of President I want to be.”

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