Best Lines From Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart About Presidential Debate

These are two reasons we love cable televison.

STEPHEN COLBERT mocked conservative criticism of the debate questions: “Why are we talkin’ about LADY issues in the town hall, OK? Save it for the Sadie Hawkins debate, when the girls are SUPPOSED to do the asking. … Why are they bringing up assault weapons? Now is not the time to discuss gun control. We haven’t had a mass shooting in almost 49 days.”

JON STEWART used a graphic in the style of a movie poster, “The Second Debate: NOW INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT.” Stewart says Romney’s first clue that he was walking into a trap on Libya should have been when POTUS said, “Please proceed, governor”: “When you feel you’re about to spring what you, Governor Romney, think is the CHECKMATE moment of the debate, and your debate opponent says to you [making a ‘come in’ gesture], ‘Please! Hold on!’ … [W]hen your opponent does that, you might want to take a breath and wonder if – a la Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner – that door your opponent is pointing to is merely pain on a rock.” Stewart then showed a clip of Road Runner getting brained.”

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