Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., Needs To Resign As He Is Unable To Fill Responsibilities Of Office

I am not using a cheap shot here on  Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., nor in minimizing the effects of bi-polar disease.  But there comes a time when a congressperson has to decide which path to take based on an illness.

Instead of using his illness for his political purposes, and that is what I strongly suggest he is doing as the feds move in tighter with their legal net aimed at highlighting his past actions, Jackson instead should just resign from office.

His constituents deserve a functioning member of Congress who is not always running from the press so not to answer questions about allegedly shady dealings.

After making some unfavorable press this week Jackson has decided he needs to be in Mayo for more treatment.

That very well may be the medical case.

But the citizens are in need of a congressperson who can do the job and fulfill the responsibilities of the office.  Where should they travel to for representation?

While this blog has supported the policy agenda of Jackson there is also a continuing theme on CP of making sure responsible and well-intentioned people both seek and serve in elected office.

For the past five months Jesse Jackson, Jr has not acted in behalf of his constituents, but instead sought refuge in a medical diagnosis that either has so badly disabled him that he can no longer serve in office, or has become a useful tool to dodge an honest dialogue with press and those who elected him.

Either way, it is time for Congressman Jackson to resign.

Or does Jackson think he might be better just in time to stand near the aisle for an autograph during the State of the Union address?

One thought on “Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., Needs To Resign As He Is Unable To Fill Responsibilities Of Office

  1. Solly

    Whaddya mean? He’s in touch with his district, his campaign just put out a robocall. It was interesting, most of the men interviewed about it said he should quit, the women wanted to give him more time. Well, he is kinda cute.

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