Do You Feel Smarter As Result Of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate Campaign Spending?

Anyone who breathes in Wisconsin knows how good we all will feel the morning after the election.  Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. Senate race there will be no more campaign commercials.  No more relentless negative ads that rip, smear, tear, and demean.  Both parties are responsible for the political wreckage that is the accepted way of speaking to voters in 2012.

I can not think of another campaign election that has been so horrible as that which is taking place for the senate iseat in Wisconsin.

What makes me upset is that no one is smarter as a result of this campaign.  No one can speak to the issues that either candidate has tried to use as the basis for their election.  The only thing that anyone sees or hears is “you’re damn right” or the god-awful photos of the ex-governor.

But given the amount of cash that has been spent on the race every voter should be brimming with facts and data to make an informed choice.  But that would take creative use of the money that was donated.  No, it was easier for both Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson to engage in the lowest common denominator style of running for office.

No one wins as a result.

Republican Tommy Thompson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin the most expensive U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin history.

The price tag: $40 million in spending, according to the latest figures.

The cost of the election is sure to rise even higher between now and Nov. 6.

The largest share of the money has come from independent groups – both liberal and conservative, with most of the dollars used to oppose a candidate. So far, outside groups have spent $27.7 million in Wisconsin, according to the Federal Election Commission. That’s second only to $31.7 million in another close Senate race in Virginia.

In Wisconsin, the figures include $11.6 million to oppose Thompson and $9.2 million to oppose Baldwin, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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