Racial Politics Displayed In Waushara County Against President Obama

This past week the Waushara County Argus had a most disturbing Letter To The Editor that I must say embarrassed me as it happened in the county where I was raised.

There has been a continuing strain of racial politics played in this country over the past four years, and it nauseates me.  That it has happened in the county I grew up in pains me.  Pisses me off might be more blunt and accurate.

I have nothing but pure contempt for those who have used the birth certificate issue over the years, or work to undermine and question the scholastic foundation of President Obama, making it seem that he had special treatment in his studies.  I am not pleased when Mitt Romney tries to define President Obama as ‘foreign’.  Note to the racists, President Obama is an American, just classier than those who try to smear him.  His blackness is no more important to his abilities than the hat size of Harry Truman was for his leadership in the 1940’s.

And so what I read in the Argus about a racist sign turned my stomach.

Celine Pitzen writes from Redgranite that a sign in her community has been placed on Highway 21, a very visible and highly traveled by-way.  Pitzen is rightly troubled and upset over the sign.

She writes that the sign which measures roughly 5 feet square has a yellow background, a large black picture of a gallows with a hanging noose next to a white block with the words “HANG IN THERE OBAMA”.    The words “HANG” and “OBAMA” are painted in black and the words “IN” and “THERE” are painted red.

If I were living there I would call the Secret Service and inform them of a possible threat to the president.  It is not only offensive, but most likely crosses the line from free speech to a possible threat.

Failing that I would just paint the sign over at midnight and end this racist garbage once and for all.

I am not in any mood to rationalize with bigots, or allow them an inch.

That crap needed to have ended decades ago.

If some knuckle-draggers can not get with the bulk of society who have moved away from racism then they just really need to shut the hell up ,and move back under the rock from where they came.

No one should abide this racism anymore.

I appreciate and support Pitzen for calling attention to the racism, and calling it out for what it is.  I know that Redgranite is better than the moron who placed the sign up.  But it is now time for the good folks in Redgranite to bring the sign down!

6 thoughts on “Racial Politics Displayed In Waushara County Against President Obama

  1. Solly

    this was on the national news. the creator of the sign, and controller of the property insists he’s on Obama’s side. I don’t know….how he could be so obtuse. But I don’t know that I’d encourage people to “bring it down.”

  2. There is no way a noose and the wording and colors used are there for the reelection of Obama. If this person were for real that sign would never have been placed, and now with the light of shame on him would mean he would take it down.

  3. CommonCents

    Racism is not genetic, but it is often hereditary, handed down from one generation to another. Just like other forms of hate and stupidity!

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