The New Yorker Endorses President Obama For Election

From a truly remarkable endorsement comes this paragraph.

One quality that so many voters admired in Obama in 2008 was his unusual  temperament: inspirational, yet formal, cool, hyper-rational. He promised to be  the least crazy of Presidents, the least erratic and unpredictable. The triumph  of that temperament was in evidence on a spring night in 2011, as he performed  his duties, with a standup’s precision and preternatural élan, at the White  House Correspondents’ Dinner, all the while knowing that he had, with no  guarantee of success, dispatched Navy SEAL Team  Six to kill bin Laden. In the modern era, we have had Presidents who were known  to seduce interns (Kennedy and Clinton), talk to paintings (Nixon), and confuse  movies with reality (Reagan). Obama’s restraint has largely served him, and the  country, well. 

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