The Irony Of ‘The Lobster Shift’

This post is really for me, and my (at times) quirky interests.

While reading an article today about the declining readership of newsmagazines the words at the top of the column struck me.

“The Lobster Shift”

In 2008 I first heard this term used on television, but never have seen it in print until this morning.  The term means a work shift (as on a newspaper) that covers the late evening and early morning hours.  The term goes back at least as far at the late 1890’s.

The reason I mention this at all–and I certainly can understand why no one really cares–is the fact the old-fashioned feel for newspapers and newsmagazines is passing given the digital age in which we live.

Yet a story that covered declining readership in a print publication uses an old newspaper term for the title of the column.

Little things like this make me smile.

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